Monday, September 1, 2008

Diablo III - when will it be ready???

The rumors were true. Blizzard entertainment has announced Diablo III. The game is currently in development for OS X and Windows although there is no release date or price yet. The company is known for telling the public that this game will be released only when they are done. Blizzard unveiled Diablo III at a world wide invitational gaming event held in Europe, and has posted details on its website including the cinematic trailer and game play video that offers an in-depth look at some of the games new capabilities and features. Diablo II was released in the year 2000. Since then the company has turned its attention to its Warcraft franchise and is also working on Starcraft II.
Hope the game gets released soon. Any known updates on the game, please post it in the comments section. I cant wait to play this game!!!

Source : Macworld US