Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bajaj Pulsar 135 Light Sports - Review

For the first time in Pulsar’s history the CC has decreased. Yes, I am talking about the new Bajaj Pulsar 135. After the success of Bajaj Discover 100 cc, the Indian Bike Giant has decided to decrease the CC of its top brand Pulsar this time. Will this new bike keep up the name of the brand and the Pulsar? Lets see that in this review.

The Pulsar 135 comes with a description LS ( Light Sports ). The Mudguard is completely black and the five spoke alloy wheels gives the bike a classy look. The bike has a naked look. The head lights look kind of Fazer’s head light but the black and red combination fairing covers it and it looks classy. The headlights are powered with DC battery and so they work even when the bike is off.
It has an analog tachometer and a digital speedometer. Like Pulsar 150, this bike also has back-lit switches and double horn. The tank scoop and rubber pad on the tank are looking good. The split seats, LED Back lights, alloy footrest, alloy number plates also grabs attention of youngsters.


The Pulsar 135 has all new 4 stroke, 4 valve engine. This is a new engine when compared to the 2 valve engine of the existing pulsars. 134.66cc engine is capable of producing 13.5 bhp. The engine is amazingly smooth and this makes even the sudden acceleration sound smooth in the engine. You can feel the vibrations when you cross 100 kmhr speed. The weight of the bike is 122 kgs. Performance wise the bike is nearly equal to Pulsar 150. It reaches 0-60 km in 5.16 seconds and 0-100 km in 23.26 seconds. Top speed of this bike is 108 Kmph.


The front suspension is telescopic fork and the back suspension is gas charged suspension. Being a light weight vehicle, it is easy to ride in city traffic. Though the riding position is more like a sports bike, it is still easy to drive in city conditions. The fron 240 mm disc brake is powerful. You can stop within 16.7 meters riding at 60 Kmph.


Now comes the important part, Mileage. This bike is designed to fetch the maximum mileage of its class. As per the pre test results the bike gives 52 Kmpl in city conditions and 55 kmpl in highways. Considering this mileage, i feel that it is pretty good. May be the real mileage will be known from user reviews.

So, guys here is the review which i read in one of the local magazines. If you guys decide to buy Pulsar 135 after reading this review, do post your comments of this bike over here and especially about the mileage. 

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