Saturday, January 9, 2010

Web-article on setting up Apache server on Linux

Linux servers. Nowadays, if i hear this word, i go mad. There are two reasons why a person goes mad. One, obviously a girl and the second one, the problems he faced on a subject. In my case, its the second reason. Yes, I faced a lot of problems in maintaining Linux servers. I have been working on servers on Linux platform and have been facing problems right from the day i started to work on them. The frequent problem which i get is the Java:Out of Memory error. The only solution for this problem is to restart the servers. I did not like this solution and decided to set up a new server. I planned to go for Apache Server, but i did not know how to set up an Apache server in linux server. When i was looking for solutions, i found a web-article on setting up web server on apache. It was too good for a beginner to follow. The procedure was explained in easy english and step by step. I followed the steps and voila i have set up my own server. I also found different other articles related to linux based servers. I bookmarked the site for future reference. Another feature of the site that caught my attention was the latest articles posted on the site which were updated frequently. I decided to keep an eye over this section so that i will not miss out the latest web-articles on the Linux servers.

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