Thursday, February 21, 2008


It is almost the same time as yesterday and i am feeling dizzy after a heavy dinner. Courtesy: Naren for his birthday treat at the Dabba in Nungambakkam. This place is known for some of the best things in the city namely

  • Taj Coromendel - The best 5 Star hotel in the city
  • MOP Vaishnav college - One of the women college in the city which has some cool and sexy girls.
  • Ishphani Center - One of the best in class shopping mall. And again guys visit here to have a nice treat to the eyes.

As i was aware of only the above mentioned three things at Nungambakkam, i wished to know more about the place and started to google on it. The results which i got were truly astonishing. Here are a few of my findings.

Nungambakkam has been a part of Chennai for more than 2 centuries.

Apart from MOP Vaishnav college there is another gals college, the Womens Christian College, which is also well known for its beautiful gals and their all round performances in most of the cultural events.

And above all there is another famous institute which has produced the most talented people the world have seen such as Actor Vijay ( may be he is an exception ), Actor Vikram etc. ( The list is very big and so i keep it up to two ). Yes, your guessing is right. It is the LOYOLA College. It comes under the Nungambakkam area.

Talking about Loyola college, another thing flashes in my mind which i have read a couple of weeks ago in the tamil magazine Kumudam. It is all about Prostitution in the roads of Nungambakkam ( the roads name is not mentioned for some obvious reasons ) which is near to the Loyola college. Prostitution near an educational institute?? Shocking isn't it?? Well that is Chennai for you.

With all the above mentioned points if you people are interested to know more about Nungambakkam, follow the links.

To know about history, click here

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