Friday, February 22, 2008

Check this site before you buy anything!!!

One day my friend came marching towards our gang and proudly showed us his new NOKIA mobile which he had bought the other day. On seeing the mobile, one of our gang's techie boy gave a negative feedback on the model and on hearing it the proud guy's face was full of BULBS. He started to worry like anything that his mobile is not worth of its cost. We felt really bad for him and I, having a plan to buy a new mobile phone for over 2 years wanted to check out which mobile is worth for its money. But where will go to learn about the features, cost etc etc of such gadgets. Obviously , I can go to a mobile shop and learn them but after all those nerdy questions to the shopkeeper if i return without buying even a crystal cover, then you people know how badly a chennaite shopkeeper can damage your family. So I never wanted to take such a risk and i was back at my keyboard searching for answers to which mobile model to buy.
I got an opportunity to explore a site called TestFreaks! The developer has built it based on the basic quest of consumers to get advices and neutral reviews of products they are planning to purchase. As an electronic freak myself, whenever I buy something like mobile phones or whatsoever, I prefer asking people on their reviews and ideas in finding the perfect one. We always look for the best possible information about the product we are going to buy and so is this site.
TestFreaks aggregate all possible information about a particular product like manufacturer description, specifications, expert and user reviews, ratings and including deals on the rates. Every other site like CNET, Amazon has this kind of features but there’s something special about this site too. The limitation of information is not just ended up to user reviews and ratings, but TestFreaks have extended it to forum discussion too. Other good thing about this site is its video review for each and every product. Every time when we see a product in advertisement or in a poster it resembles different from real so in that case video review of each product would help a buyer understand the product.
Every product is valued by giving a FREAK Grades. Freak grades are determined based on performance, ease of use, quality, design, features, value for money and scores given from experts and users. So the monopoly of product rating can be avoided and users get the real best reviews about each product.
Another highlighting feature of this site is its BUZZ index which would probably show the buzz about a particular product among the users. Usually buzz index are zero for new arrivals and based upon certain manipulations and results the buzz index of a particular product increases.
And about my new mobile, all those models doesn't suit my budget and so i stick on with my old mobile. [ Wish our finance minister P.Chidambaram passes a special bill this march to cut off mobile prices or else irukavey iruku SARAVANA STORES :) ]

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