Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Internet Security Tips - Part 1


Nowadays, Information theft has been increasing at an alarming rate and many softwares which can automatically interrupt mails or information and divert to hackers are available freely on net. Even if the a mail sender's server was equipped with security techniques, if the recipient's server is not well protected, there is a chance of information being stolen. To avoid these kinds of information loss, Encryption techniques are becoming popular and many websites have taken it to the next level by making it available to the public.

One such site is LOCKBIN. Here is the procedure to send a encrypted message.

Before you start, the mail recipient must know the SECRET CODE which is used to encrypt and decrypt the message. So, let him know about the secret code in prior to sending the mail.

  1. Click the above link and get started
  2. In the next page accept the license agreement
  3. Type the security code so that the site could confirm that you are not Shankar's ROBOT or a spam softie
  4. On typing the correct security code, the site allows you to compose your message with all common formatting options.
  5. After composing your message proceed to the next stage, where the secret code is asked. Type in the secret code and click continue
  6. In the next window, the details about the sender and receiver are presented and the message is sent.

The receiver will receive a LINK in his inbox which he has to click and follow the same procedure as stated in 2, 3 and 5 respectively in order to read the message.

Though the procedure seems to be bit boring, it is a better option compared to losing your confidential data to some unknown person.


If you want to receive mails from a community or group, say for example you ask for a solution for a problem in one of the orkut community and give your email address to mail you the solution. At such instances, spammers grab your mail id and start spamming your inboxes. What you want is to receive mails from the website and still avoid spam mails. A remedy for this problem is found at CONTACTIFY.

All you have to do is this. Go to this website and just give your email address and register in it.
The website will create a link specially for your id. Eg.\your name
So you can use this link in places where your email address are prone to public view. So when a person clicks on the link, a new page gets opened and in that the person types his reply and sends it to you. He never gets to know what your mail id is. Cool isn't it????


Are you a person who always download stuffs from internet and yet has no idea whether the downloaded file is a virus or not?? Are you doubtful of a certain file in your system? In that case all you need is to check out what is that file meant for from this website.

Visit the website and give the file name you are not aware of and get information about the file. The database of this site is regularly updated by internet users.

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