Friday, March 28, 2008

Five times comedy!!!

Today is the day which looked so sluggish with the fact that my unit tests are going on and it was my project guide's subject and whats biggest of all was it is the 2nd final between India and Aussies. I could not bunk my college today or else my guide would show her hunk on me. I never had a good name for her and what all i could do to keep up my internals was to do well in her subject or atleast pass in it. But with the college life reaching its climax, no one will have the interest for studies and am no exception. So, planning on how to clear her subject i waited in my bus stop with the thought that my GUNDU friend will help me learn who has the great talent of making a boring topic easily recallable with all those 'fantasy' linkings and stories. The bus came at 7.55AM which usually arrives my stop by 7.45AM and the 10 minutes time lag created a feeling of flunk in the test. When i stepped in my bus, i saw a glowing face of SRIHARI who was saying "fanta! come fast. we will study the easy question". And there comes a hope in me and we started to study and we were lost in studies such that, Sri hari who will close his books at KUNDRATHUR, a place on the way to our college, to sight the 'GLAMOROUS WOMEN' with tobacco mouths and FIRST DAY OF FAIR & LOVELY fairness ( Refer Image ), has never turned his head from the book. Thats his passion for studies and with all those preparations going, we reached our college.
At the college, as i have prepared enough to clear the subject i went straight to the pleasant smelling toilet to check out my new spiky hair and after adjusting it, i went straight to the exam hall. The test went on smoothly and then started the boring session, Lectures. Sitting at the extreme corner and Sri hari frying nuts to 146146 degrees and RK having running nose, i had no other way than to listen to the class. I somehow managed to pass that class listening and with some entertaining seconds with my last bench friends and sending them out of the class. It was lunch after that class and the guys paid me back for sending them out of the class and after lunch it was my guide's class. But, whats good about her is that she has left most of the topics for the students to take seminar and this time it was my friend GUNDAN's turn.

Looking at Gundan's face one would easily guess that he is 100% Agmark Vegetarian but if you ask him whats your favorite dish, he would say "FISH". Well, this is not a dish but its a code word for his so called GF. He has this strange taste of liking ATTU girls like Sri hari. The guys always tease Gundan with the 'fish' and this time he is well caught on the dais. When he stood on the dais, a unified sound of "FISHHHH!! FISHHHHH!!" filled our class and all what he could do was stand still and blush. After, the staff controlling the class he started his seminar but still the guys showed him some gestures and attempted to throw paper balls at him. These things never distracted him but when he turned towards my bench, the guy next to me, cylinder shaped PANNAIYAR making PILLAIYAR gestures and there he fell. After this, many comments were passed by the front bench guys and he was totally distracted and made him blabber saying " The round tirp time..... the round trip time........... the round trip time............ the round trip time............ the roun trip time.........." He has no words to say but to stand and blush and give a "asadu vazhiyira smile". He couldn't stand all these humiliations and so he went quickly through his topics successfully finished his seminar with out further bulbs. Though, the seminar dint last too long the class enjoyed it very much. After being laughed till stomach pain, i thought there might be something coming to trouble us and it wasn't that far.

There came our staff informing us about our farewell and the thanks giving party. The class students had no interest in the farewell and it was conveyed to the coordinator none of our class guys would attend the farewell. This made the class coordinartors to arrange a meeting in the lab and they tried to pull out words from our mouth asking for the reason of boycotting the farewell. But, there we stood in unison and none opened the mouth. Embarassed by the guys' action, the coordinator called two of our guys SHIVA and BARATH for knowing the reason. Barath, known to be the mega comedian of the class started to talk to the coordinator putting forth the point that there are 5 GANG in the class and they dont wish to come to farewell and even if his GANG comes to farewell the other GANG doesnot come. This made Shiva loose his temper and after the meeting with the coordinator, barath was called and was asked for the reason why he said like that. The answers which he gave were so funny and illogical. He said that he never said there are 5 gangs in the class and at this instant GUNDU put a timing comedy, " Yes. You dint say there are 5 gangs in the class. But said there are gang, gang, gang, gang, gang in the class". This comment made everyone to get in the mood of teasing barath and there you go. It was non-stop humiliation of barath for 30 minutes and dunno how that time went by. All the comments are censored in view of barath's future.From then on, barath was called as GANGSTER and now he rules our class. He is the hot topic of ECE-B and GREATEST GANGSTER OF SAIRAM!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Boring! Boring! Boring!

These are the words which i hear a lot from my friends. Whenever i ask my mates what are they upto, they say they were bored to the core and found nothing to do. I was also at the same state after the start of my final semester. But now it has become more worse :(. Whatever i do to kill my time bounce back at me and start to kill me.

But today i wanted to change it and so woke up with an aim to spend my day as enjoyable as possible. My plan was to watch some superhit hindi movies. I needed to learn hindi and the immediate answer from my mate PV ( Abbreviation censored ) was to watch hindi movies with subtitles. I accepted his idea because i could watch the hot north Indian babes. Man!! they are really hot and me being an usual teenager has only one reason to watch a babe ( Guys of my age know it very well ). Another reason behind my interest in learning hindi is, if at all i were to get posted in north by my company, i have to bridge the communication gap with those people and i know communication with broken hindi is utter waste in the north.

I have experienced it for myself when we were off to delhi for our college tour and at Karol Bagh where we guys purchased some of the goodies. Once those sellers knew that we were from south, they raised the prices of the goodies thrice its original amount. And we have to bargain with the thoda malum hindi. And whats more worse is that one very very kind person asked us to bargain to a more cheaper rate and know what happened? The shopkeeper said something in hindi which we came to know from our friend which can be understood by the famous Vadivelu liner "My family total damage". Luckily, we were a group and the shopkeeper doesn't target only one of us. So, I wanted to damage myself or others no more and hence took the decision to learn hindi.

So lets come back to the topic - watch hindi movies. So i managed to get a list of superhit hindi movies from my friends and downloaded one. Searched for the subtitle of the movie and got that too. The show started. The opening was the introduction of the heroine who never created a 'feeling' in me. This was the start of 'serial' bulbs of the day. Next the hero who have acted in many films and neither were box office hits. I watched the film for forty five minutes and still i couldn't figure our what the so called hero and heroine were upto. Neither the songs were pleasant to hear. Fucked up with all these, i went out of my temper and immediately rang up my sweet friend for giving me option to watch such a wonderful movie. Think he would have had his ears bleeding. Much was my anger and yet i didn't forget my task of enjoying the day.

My next option was to play computer game. All these years i hardly used my PC for gaming and today i was forced to play the Counterstrike, which was made popular by one of the game freak in our class. Sitting with my eyes wide opened looking for opponents i cautiously moved and BANG. There I fell and I am done. All the time I was the first to die and losing all the time made me go mad and i had no other option to quit the game forever. Second bulb of the day and it doesn't stop there.

With nothing else to do, I opened the DC++ looking for something interesting over LAN and there I found the gult ( telugu people forgive me ) movie of the year "Happy Days". Downloaded it and searched for subtitle but ended in vain. So, I made up my mind to watch it without subtilte and played it. What i could understand was words ending with U and A sounds. I felt like i was like a baby watching the bright colours of the TV. Already with a spectacle of high power, the bright colours as in every telugu movie, made my eyesight worse. All these continuous bulbs made me loose interest in watching good movies and so i have to go back to my usual passtime.

I downloaded a great clip of Chasey Lian and for the first time in the day i felt like i was enjoying. From that time, I decided not to preplan for the day and do whatever comes to mind. After the clip, I went to sleep cherishing the sweet moments of the video and now am here i am explaining you about my day. Well, you might not be interested in reading such a big post but i never wanted you to read and what I wanted was to spend my night session without boring myself and successfully made it.I feel sleepy again and so catch you all in my next post.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Online Chatting


Are you annoyed with installing messenger softwares for different email clients such as yahoo, google, aim, msn? What if someone says that you donot need all these softwares and still you can chat with your buddies of all 4 accounts simultaneous and that too online without installing.

MEEBO provides all these facilities at a single click of mouse. Here you can access all the above mentioned messengers and also you can log on in multiple accounts like 2 yahoo ids etc. The site has also introduced public chat rooms. So when your buddies are not online you can peek into these rooms and make new friends.

This site doesnot have the features like file transfer, photo sharing etc. If you dont want all these features, then meebo is surely a better option.


Are you the one who dont have the accounts of sites that provide instant messaging and yet wish to chat with your friends? Are you being banned from installing instant messengers? Are you outside your place and want to have a group chat with your friends? Then here a great site for you.

CHATMAKER lets you to create a chat room of your choice. The site provides a link to the chat room immediately on its homepage and this link can be sent to your friends asking them to join you and there you go.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Internet Security Tips - Part 1


Nowadays, Information theft has been increasing at an alarming rate and many softwares which can automatically interrupt mails or information and divert to hackers are available freely on net. Even if the a mail sender's server was equipped with security techniques, if the recipient's server is not well protected, there is a chance of information being stolen. To avoid these kinds of information loss, Encryption techniques are becoming popular and many websites have taken it to the next level by making it available to the public.

One such site is LOCKBIN. Here is the procedure to send a encrypted message.

Before you start, the mail recipient must know the SECRET CODE which is used to encrypt and decrypt the message. So, let him know about the secret code in prior to sending the mail.

  1. Click the above link and get started
  2. In the next page accept the license agreement
  3. Type the security code so that the site could confirm that you are not Shankar's ROBOT or a spam softie
  4. On typing the correct security code, the site allows you to compose your message with all common formatting options.
  5. After composing your message proceed to the next stage, where the secret code is asked. Type in the secret code and click continue
  6. In the next window, the details about the sender and receiver are presented and the message is sent.

The receiver will receive a LINK in his inbox which he has to click and follow the same procedure as stated in 2, 3 and 5 respectively in order to read the message.

Though the procedure seems to be bit boring, it is a better option compared to losing your confidential data to some unknown person.


If you want to receive mails from a community or group, say for example you ask for a solution for a problem in one of the orkut community and give your email address to mail you the solution. At such instances, spammers grab your mail id and start spamming your inboxes. What you want is to receive mails from the website and still avoid spam mails. A remedy for this problem is found at CONTACTIFY.

All you have to do is this. Go to this website and just give your email address and register in it.
The website will create a link specially for your id. Eg.\your name
So you can use this link in places where your email address are prone to public view. So when a person clicks on the link, a new page gets opened and in that the person types his reply and sends it to you. He never gets to know what your mail id is. Cool isn't it????


Are you a person who always download stuffs from internet and yet has no idea whether the downloaded file is a virus or not?? Are you doubtful of a certain file in your system? In that case all you need is to check out what is that file meant for from this website.

Visit the website and give the file name you are not aware of and get information about the file. The database of this site is regularly updated by internet users.