Sunday, March 23, 2008

Online Chatting


Are you annoyed with installing messenger softwares for different email clients such as yahoo, google, aim, msn? What if someone says that you donot need all these softwares and still you can chat with your buddies of all 4 accounts simultaneous and that too online without installing.

MEEBO provides all these facilities at a single click of mouse. Here you can access all the above mentioned messengers and also you can log on in multiple accounts like 2 yahoo ids etc. The site has also introduced public chat rooms. So when your buddies are not online you can peek into these rooms and make new friends.

This site doesnot have the features like file transfer, photo sharing etc. If you dont want all these features, then meebo is surely a better option.


Are you the one who dont have the accounts of sites that provide instant messaging and yet wish to chat with your friends? Are you being banned from installing instant messengers? Are you outside your place and want to have a group chat with your friends? Then here a great site for you.

CHATMAKER lets you to create a chat room of your choice. The site provides a link to the chat room immediately on its homepage and this link can be sent to your friends asking them to join you and there you go.

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Ajay Kumar said...

Wow!!. what an interesting post!!. I nvr knew about meebo before. All thanks to you for making life better. :)