Friday, November 19, 2010

All new Google AdSense Interface

When i was checking my emails, I had a mail from Google Adsense with subject "New AdSense interface enabled for your account". Though I have an adsense account since 2008, i haven't earned much in that. So, i did not want to look into this mail but the subject line caught me the attention. So, I wanted to check the new adsense interface. You need to do the following if you want to check out the new adsense interface.

Login to your Adsense account. 

At the upper right hand corner of your account, you have a link ""Try the new AdSense interface beta". Click it and you are done. The new adsense interface is enabled for you. 

The new interface is quick and easy to navigate. You can browse through your adsense accout, detailed earnings month by month, add remove ads, view performance data etc. 

If you want to switch back to the old interface, you can switch back to it anytime by clicking the "Return to Old AdSense interface" found at the upper right hand side of your Google AdSense account page.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Another blog under my name – Rare Reviews of Everything

Although we say that internet has everything we need, it isn’t true always. I myself have experienced it and was could not find few information which I needed desperately. For example, I wanted to buy a low end mobile from a non-reputed company but I couldn’t find the reviews of that mobile and also the stores/dealers for that mobile. Also, during this festival season, when everyone was looking for offers and discounts everywhere, I couldn’t find a one stop place to find the complete package of information for shopping. So, I thought why don’t I start a blog which could give others at least a basic guide to shopping, offers, deals, reviews etc. I have started this new blog Rare Reviews of Everything to share the information I get with the world. So guys if you need to get some information, tips, reviews, offers on shopping, do check out this blog – Rare Reviews of Everything

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yet another love story - Mynaa

Do you know what would exist even if the earth doesn’t exist? Its LOVE. And, there is one more movie in tamil cinema that Love is eternal in this world. Yes, I am talking about Mynaa. Just watched it this weekend and I was greatly impressed by it. I could not write the full review of it right now but will definitely write my review on it. Meanwhile, if you are reading this post, do watch Mynaa as it is one of the wonderful movies in tamil cinema in recent times. Have given the schedule of Mynaa for your convenience.

Online gaming to refresh my mind

Life has become so hectic for me such that I could not even meet my friends or play games with them. But, I do try to refresh my mind by playing online games. One such online game which I like is usa online casinos. Here I could compete with most talented players across USA and also prove my talent and refresh my mind too.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog with Page Rank 3

I have been blogging for the past 3 years or so. In my blogging history, none of my blogs have got a page rank greater than 0. Well, history will be rewritten some day and the day is here. My first blog Jala Bula Junks, is now of page rank 3 and feeling very happy about it. I haven’t been updating it regularly as I was occupied with other works. But this page rank has created a spark in me to keep the blog update. So, guys, do keep an eye over this page for some interesting stuffs.