Thursday, July 31, 2008

Suzuki's superbike in India

Recently, Yamaha launched its superbike Yamaha R15 with 150cc in India. Bajaj Pulsar, TVS Apache, Honda Unicorn were the competitors in the 150cc market with pulsar leading in the front. But, one great manufacturer who has manufactured the dream bike of the youngsters, Hayabusa hasn’t set foot in the 150cc market. Now, Suzuki has decided to get into the competition as well. Rumors spread that Suzuki has planned to release its FXR 150 in India. But, that’s not true. Suzuki’s 150cc bike will not look like yamaha’s R15. Rather, it looks like more of pulsar. It is NOT FXR 150. Like all other 150cc bikes in the market, suzuki’s new bike has self start, alloy wheels, disc brakes etc. Pursuing Yamaha’s R15, Suzuki’s bike also has six speed gears. This bike will not have Fuel Injection engine. It is guessed that the power would be around 16bhp. This bike is expected to be released this October or November. And another treat waits for the bike loves and youngsters of India. Suzuki may release the dream bike, Hayabusa along with its new 150cc bike this October or November. So, guys get ready for some serious riding.

Fix Apple Boot Camp's Heating problem!!

hey guys for those of you who haven’t got a hand on boot camp, here is a brief explanation of the problem

The problem

When you install windows onto your apple system, the boot camp devs have somehow managed to 'forget' that there requires some interface with windows to the firmware so the cooling fans can be controlled. This leads to a state where after an hour or so especially of gameplay or cpu/gpu/hdd intensive operations the heat inside builds up to around 90 C this is when the firmware realizes that its hardware is going to DIE, the self defense mechanism kicks in and the fans turn to 'leaf-blower' mode. From the entire web searching and tinkering i did i came across a blog, that stated how to deal with this problem as it is a big issue!!

this is quite easily noted in mac books and pros!

The fix

There appears to be a bug in a program developed for OsX - the prg is smsFanControl ( The bug is that if u change the settings for the fan in OSX and reboot (not shut down or anything else) the settings remain when u reboot into windows XP.

The program lets u set the min fan revs for each of the cooling fans, it has a default setting and a high-rpm mode (min 4000 rpm). So when you are going to windows for some hardware intensive programs change this setting!!!

And yea there is this other program i came across, but didnt give it a go till now!

Its called Input Re-mapper (

hope dis is useful!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anbe Sivam - A recap

Anbe Sivam - this movie would have brought tears in everyone who saw the film. It was such an touching story and it definitely made a impact in me. But, when the film was released, no one appreciated the theme of the movie. Here is one of the review which i read about the movie at the time of its release.

Kamalhassan’s intension to make a warm, funny and feel-good Anbe Sivam has ended up sadly as another predictable and corny film which is neither a comedy caper nor a class act. This time, his inspiration is from the Steve Martin- John Candy, road film Planes Trains& Automobiles. The story starts off with two men who are as different as chalk and cheese meeting each other and are forced by circumstances to travel from Bhuvaneshwar to Chennai together.

Nallasivam (Kamal) is a grotesque looking blabbermouth whom the savvy and handsome Anbarasu (Madhavan) meets at the Bhuvaneswar airport. Anbarasu is an ad filmmaker, on the way to Chennai to get married and when the flight gets cancelled due to bad weather, he is irritated and frustrated. But when he learns that he has to share a room for the night with Sivam who is crude, never short of advice and conversation, he has no other way but to tolerate him. Anbarasu goes through many crazy situations as his wallet getting stolen, train getting delayed due to derailment etc.
Kamalhassan has taken the role of John Candy in the film and Madhavan handles the savvy act of Steve Martin. The major problem with Anbe Sivam is that somewhere along the line, the script looses track as the superstar bug hits Kamal. In a flashback, the handsome Nallasivam is a left wing Marxist sympathiser, a mock street theatre activist, union leader and a painter (similar to the late Safdar Hashmi?). A dirty capitalist factory Muthalali’s (Naseer) only daughter Bala (Kiran) falls for him at their first meeting itself and he plans to elope with her. But unfortunately Sivam meets with a bus accident and his face is disfigured! And in the climax to cut a short story shorter the audience discover that Anbarasu’s bride is none other than Bala!

The story may seem simple, but the screenplay is awesome and the message that it sends is something people should think about. It doesn't matter whether god is real or not, but the love you show on your fellowmen would make them feel the god in you. This is what the movie conveys. If you happen to watch the movie, do not miss it and listen to the dialouges carefully. Most amazing movie i have ever seen.

Friday, July 25, 2008

PING command

It has been months since i posted a technical post. So, here is one about the PING command. I came across this command when my internet connection was lost. When i called the service agent, he came and tested the connection with this command. When i asked him about this command, he gave me these valuable information. The PING command is the basic network troubleshooting command. Ping shows the status of the other computer whether it is on the network or not. Let’s say you have three computers in your computer network computer A (IP Address,, computer B (IP address and computer C (IP address You are on computer A and you want to check the connectivity of the computer B then you will need to go the Start > Run > type CMD > DOS screen will appear. Now type there ping if you get the reply this means the computer B is connected on the network and if you get the timed out message then there is some problem in the connectivity. This can be due to different reasons like check both the ends of the network cables in the computer and in the Router/Switch, check if the green LED light is blinking in the network card of the computer also check if any software application blocking the network communication such as firewall or antivirus etc.

A great murugan temple

I am a dedicated devotee of Lord Muruga. I have been to many murugan temples. To name a few, Vadapalani murugan temple, Arupadai veedu at besant nagar etc. Thougth there are many murugan temples in and out of the city, my favoutire is skanda-ashram temple.This one is very close to my house in Salem.They have strict temple timings. Its very peaceful there.Sitting in chennai, i miss going to that temple.Another one of mine favourite is Kumarigiri again in Salem.Its on a hill top. From there you could have a full view of salem city. The statue of god is enchanting and lovely.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Batman - The dark knight - My review

Here is my brief review of The Dark Knight, a real exceptional film of 2008, one of the best....and the movie would never have been complete if it wasn’t for Heath Ledger's gothic and gritty portrayal of The Joker

I don't know where to start my comments from, firstly I watched this movie twice on today's world-wide release. I have to tell you, it's that amazing, spectacular and simply the finest experience you will find of this year. Even the words I put up on this comment won't do justice until you go and watch it yourself.

The sequel sets off the Caped Crusader from the last movie as a man willing to wipe out corruption from Gotham City. But trouble brews ahead as Batman, Harvey Dent and Lt. Jim Gordon encounter a new criminal called the Joker. So with a new crime wave entering Gotham City, the three join forces to rid the town of this menace and chaos. Christian Bale reprises his role as The Dark Knight, the vigilante who uses his own force to rid the criminals of Gotham. His Bruce Wayne and Batman are so fantastically set, that you see a great deal of potential from him. Also coming back to the film Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman make a great supporting cast, especially Oldman who shines a cut above by the end. There is also the role of Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhart, the White Knight of Gotham and a D.A. brave enough to bring all the criminals to justice without wearing a mask. All I can say for that is great character development by the end of the movie. Even Maggie Gyllenhaal brings a good job to this movie, her Rachel Dawes is characterized up a notch for this one.

But the one performance you would really have to see the movie for is the late Heath Ledger's interpretation of The Joker. It's stunning, gritty and just out of control. This is how the Joker should be from the comic books, a total mad man leaving behind destruction everywhere. If he gets a posthumous nomination at the Oscars, then he should be a winner. It will captivate you on every memorable scenes.

The action is also notched up, giving us superb sequences, especially a 10 minute action chase scene. Also something to talk about are the out of the box suspense scenes that make it more refreshing than any movie you have seen. The pacing is unnoticeable, you won't feel a minute wasted. The cinematography dark, smoldering and realistic, just wonder how they must have shot it with the IMAX cameras. It makes the city look alive giving a whole new realm to Gotham. The last note I would also want to hit is the music, the eerie score by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard is uncompromising, especially the Joker theme.

This is again another perfect film from Christopher Nolan, he surpasses himself growing with each new film, directing it on a challenging level only he can handle. Together the script is well charted by himself, his brother Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer.

I would tell you now to stop reading and go watch the film. It's the year's best, hats off and a thumbs up to Ledger's sadistic act, it's a dark art masterpiece.

How to reduce heartburn

Next time you sit for dinner, avoid having acidic foods, such as grape fruit, oranges, tomatoes and vinegar. Spicy foods often lead to heart burn. You may love the ‘chaat’, you make sure that you cut down pepper and chilies. Don’t hit the bed immediately after dinner. Always wait for tow to three hours. It gives your stomach enough time to digest the food. Try and opt for lean meats and non fatty food. You mat love those French fries and cheese filled burgers, but they can easily lead to heartburn. Watch what you drink. Avoid drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks. Yes, size does matte. Have smaller meals and keep the heartburn at bay. Eat slow and steady. Those who have the habit of eating fast tend to be a a higher risk of heart burn. Avoid tight clothes as much as possible. Tight belts, trousers and waistbands press on your stomach and hence can lead to heartburn. Stress can also lead to heartburn. Strive for a less stressful life. Try to keep your weight under control. Excessive weight is also a major cause of heartburn. Are you popping antacids more than once a week? It may eventually backfire and increase the frequency of heartburn. Eventually, you may need a far more potent treatment to deal with heartburn. Chewing gum in the night can increase acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. So, avoid it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One great tour

this is during my b.e days. 8 of us started from mysore to nagarahole and further iruppu falls on 4 bikes. mid way (border of nagarahole forest area) in no man's land, 1 bike got punctured so badly tat it needed a new tube. Forget about new tube, we cudn't even get smell a puncture shop anywhere in 10 kms. radius. We spent an hour under a tree by finishing few ciggies and met a near by villager. he took us to his village which was around 2 kms. from that spot. Since it was lunch time, the house members offered us have our lunch there. We had one of the best lunches served ever. We didn't want to return back to mysore. So, we parked the punctured bike at that house and 8 of us travelled on 3 bikes to nagarahole and then further to iruppu falls. Since we had very very poor budget and also we had to save Rs.200 for the tube, we realy had a tough time in searching a small budget hotel. We couldn't find any for our budget, so we decided to have a free stay. And we found our friendly traveller, KSRTC bus parked in the bus stand and scheduled to leave the next morning from iruppu. We negotiated with driver and conductor and finally slept on the bus. we all got up in the wee hours to finish all our nature calls under mother nature :-). Since we saved on our accommodation, we had good money to spend on breakfast :-). We then returned back by picking up the bike and getting it a new tube on the way back to mysore.

By the way, we saw good amount of wild animals (bisons, elephants and deers) and had a good shower in iruppu falls among all the other adventures


My first experience was in a club where there was a 20-25 year old male masseur. It was cold November morning and I was alone so went to get a massage. That was my first time and the man asked me to remove my clothes and I removed only the shirt he laughed and hastily removed my pants and underwear as well. Man, I was shy there were people passing and they could see me as I was near the poolside. I was totally nude in the sweet sun of the November morning and soon I became normal to the nudity. The masseur even massaged my ass and groin IMAGINE! After that I went to the sauna room and I decided to throw off my towel and again I lay on the wooden planks in nude. Then some 18-20 year old guys came in they were 5. First of all they giggled then one of them slowly removed his underwear and then another and another. Man, I was feeling I am on cloud nine being naturist and I even walked around that way in the club in front of 10-15 guys. Now when I reflect back that day it makes me say-"oh my god what did I do"

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sweetest of all apples

Recently I was in Hartola, a Himalayan village close to Rambagh in Nainital district of Uttaranchal. The event was the annual editorial meeting of my publication and all of my journalist colleagues in Tehelka were present. The village was very beautiful and we were staying in tents erected in an apple orchard. We were there for about five days and eating apples five time a day turned the biggest `extra curricular' activity.(The journey to Hartola was very hectic and at first I had to board a Delhi bound flight from Trivandrum. A night train (Ranikhet Express) took my team from Old Delhi station to Kathgodam in Uttaranchal. From there it was a four hour long bus journey through the steep hills).
On the concluding day, I had asked the owner of apple orchard to arrange a few fine variety apples to take home. He immediately agreed. while boarding the return bus, he told me that an apple container was already loaded on top of the bus for my exclusive use. Only when the bus reached Kathgodam Railway Station, I realised that the container has over 35 kg apple. Then I hired a porter to take it out of the bus and to load in inside the train compartment. The wooden container supported by coir turned a little bit embarrassment to me as most of the fellow travellers were travelling like business executives. In Old Delhi station, I had hired yet another porter to load it in a taxi. On reaching my lodge in GK-2 of South Delhi, I had no option other than spending my own energy to take it into my room. Even in the hotel reception, I felt em brassed over the rough appearance of the apple container. The very next day, I took another taxi and loaded it to reach the domestic airport. At the airport, those who at the security check demanded Rs 100 per kg as freight charge. That Means Rs 3,500 for the container. Then what would be the price of 1 kg apple?There were two options in front. first was to pay the hefty some and ensure the reach my apple bag in Trivandrum. The other one is not paying anything and distributing it among the flight staff and passengers around. No question of paying money. Finally, somehow, the flight crew agreed to transport the apple container without any fee. They were in consideration of my journalist status and also of the efforts I had put in to take the apples from hartola. At last, the apple reached Trivandrum airport. While all passengers were moving out with trolley bags and suit cases, I was the sole exception with such an idiotic wooden container supported by coir. Anyway, those apples were sweeter than any of the imported apples I had tasted before and after the incident.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Remove scratches on iPod

The iPod is a beautiful player, but it can also be fragile. Luckily, with a cheap can of metal polish, you can get your iPod back into tip-top shape. All you need is a can of metal polish, and a soft cloth and your iPod. Before you apply the polish to your iPod and start scrubbing, you will want to make sure your iPod is relatively clean, so give it a gentle cleaning with some water and a soft cloth. Apply the polish to the soft cloth and start scrubbing you iPod in small circular motions. Start off gently, keeping in mind that you need to apply more pressure to get rid of some of the deeper scratches. Be patient, though, as you may have to scrub the iPod for a while before you start to really notice the difference. After anywhere from five to 20 minutes, you should have a hugely restored finish on you iPod, and the saucy stainless steel back that makes the iPod so attractive should be looking close to brand new. When you decide to call it quits, be sure to clean the polis off your iPod. If you want to get rid of the scratches on the front of the iPod, repeat these steps but be careful. The last thing you want to do is mess up you controls and the screen.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na

A Boy and a Girl are friends, Boy and Girl are not in Love, Boy meets Girl #2, Girl feels jealous, Girl runs away, Girl gets a fiancé, Boy feels jealous, Boy and Girl realize they are in love, Happy (clichéd) ending

Wait.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hain ? Umm... no.

And what the fork was so realistic in the movie ? Was it the uber-cool Scrabble playing parents? Maybe the fairly standard Innova, flame graphics n' all that almost every college student has these days? Or maybe it was the get-togethers at home complete with an imported DJ, unlimited booze and specialized lighting? WOW !

The movie was made by smart people but it is made for your standard "omgzz imraan is sooo cuuuuteeeeee"-blabbing little girls. CHICK FLICK... and HOW ?! And what's worse is the oh-so-obvious predictability and the total lack of intelligent humor. I mean c'mon, this is an Abbas Tyrewala movie and STILL !!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Credit cards

I have been blogging for more than four months. Initially, I started blogging for killing my time but then that pastime slowly become a business and I started to earn from blogging. All my earnings are credited to my paypal account. After some time I planned to take out the money from my paypal. Unfortunately I could not take the money because paypal asked me for a credit card to transfer the money. I never had a credit card and so I had to apply for a new credit card in order to take the money from my paypal. I have no idea about the credit cards. I knew that there are variety of credit cards such as low interest credit cards, instant approval cards, rewards credit cards, student credit cards , business credit cards, balance transfer cards, hotel/airline credit cards, prepaid credit cards etc. I was totally confused on which one to choose. I found a site that helped me in choosing the credit card for me. helped me to compare the various credit cards and choose the best one for me. You can compare the cards of all companies such American express, Bank of America, Capital one, Citibank, Discover, First National bank and many other banks. I chose the right credit card for myself and now I can transfer the amount from my paypal happily.

Car insurance

In my last post I have said that I applied for a car loan to buy a car for me. Now that loan got approved and I have bought a new car for me. Now the next step is to get an insurance for the car. But with lots and lots of agencies offering the car insurance, I was confused to choose the best one for my car. So I sought the help of internet. In the search results I found a site called it is a great site in offering the car insurances. It lets you to compare the quotes of various insurance companies and lets us to choose the best car insurance company for us. It also provides a lot of information regarding car insurance such as the top cars to get easily insured, the top cars that are hard to get insurance etc. It also guides in choosing the best insurance option for our car. You can also find answers to most commonly asked questions regarding the car insurance in the site. The site not only offers the auto insurance, but also other insurances such as home insurance, health insurance, renter’s insurance etc. So, in short it can be considered to be the perfect spot for all kinds of insurances.

Fish Breeding

The correct environment for breeding fish
Fish that breed on substrates need proper substrates to breed on, like peat, rocks, shells, or plants. Some fish are shy and require a lot of cover, caves, or dim light. There are also fish that require a particular water chemistry to breed. Examples are discus, which require very soft, acid water or African cichlids which require very hard, alkaline water. Again, you will need to obtain the information for each specific breed before making the decision on which fish you want to breed.

A varied diet promotes fish breeding
Fish that are producing eggs need better food that fish that are just living in a community. Breeders call the process of specially feeding parents conditioning. Conditioning foods include live foods, fresh frozen foods, or spirulina based foods. Find out the specific requirements of the fish you intend to breed.

A mix of male and female fish
This may sounds obvious, but some fish are not easy to sex. In species that are difficult to sex, is best to start out with at least six young fish so that you are certain of getting both males and females. Starting with many fish also gives monogamous fish a chance to pick compatible mates. Sometimes if a single male and female are introduced, they will not breed. Other fish, like livebearers, killifish, and polygamous cichlids need more females that males so that females are not harassed by amorous males.

Fish Breeding Environment Cues
Many tropical fish breed in the rainy season. When it rains, streams flood, the water hardness drops, and there is thunder and lightning. Adventuresome breeders with rainy season fish may try large water changes with distilled water, watering cans to simulate rain, strong currents, and even flashing

To my native after 3 years

i went to my native place for my vacation. Almost, three years has passed since i went there and this time it was a special journey because it is my cousin's betrothal and our whole relatives gang was assembled there. It was really a happy moment to see all your relatives at the same place and also at an happy event. Not a single person could identify me. I had to introduce myself to them and i felt bad that i couldn't make them remember me. And after the betrothal, had a great lunch and the usual gang meet of relatives. I wished to have a look at the houses where i played as a kid. So, i went to that area and to my surprise everything in that area had changed except for the house i stayed. It was still the same old fashioned house and the same old rusted door. Its almost 15 years and nothing had changed. I would never forget those memorable days and just came from there with heaps and heaps of memories running in my mind. Definitely a great trip to my native.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Louise L Hay

I dont know if any one of yu guys heard of Louise L Hay but attending one her workshops has been a life changing experience for me, it gave me answers for everything about life.I would like to share some of what i learnt.I believe resentment,criticism,fear and guilt give us the most problems.Just understanding evryone is doing the very best they can at an moment,situation and letting go is the answer.Letting go does not have to be painful, it can be fun n fast if u choose to, i would laugh out of the chair if i look at my life n think about the things that i thought were hurtful b4 but not anymore.It would be foolish not to enjoy life today because of something that happened long ago in the past.I dont condone the behaviour of those who hurt people but for our best it just means forgiving them n letting the whole thing go and live in the moment,each day full of wonderful surprises,trusting the process of life and knowing the future is bright and joyful as all of us deserve the very best and what does failure mean anyway?does it mean things dint turn out the way we wanted?The law of experience is always perfect.Every experience is a sucess.Its our natural birthright to go from sucess to sucess in our life, believe it now and you will find little miracles happening for you as what we believe becomes the truth for us and always remember its only a thought and it can changed- Every passing minute is a chance to feel good..have fun

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express (Beta)

Unlike its namesake, this free Web site doesn’t provide professional-level image-editing capabilities. But it does offer a strong mix of intuitive, highly effective editing tools, all well within reach of even total novices. It also supplies 2GB of storage for images and rudimentary facilities for sharing them.  The controls for adjusting color, brightness, and so on illustrate the emphasis on simplicity. Click on the saturation tool, for example, and you’ll see six thumbnails of your photo at varying saturation levels, just pick one. Actually, the excellent Auto Correct filter may be all you need. For editing images uploaded to partners like Facebook, Picasa, and Photobucket, the site excels. But features other photo sites offer are missing  the ability to print images or create photo books, for example. And though you can add information to photos, the capability is limited. You can’t associate photos with people, places, or events, and unlike flickr and Picasa, this site doesn’t let you comment on photos. Also, the upload process is a bit cumbersome and restrictive. As configured, the site best suits the Facebook crowd, as well as users who don’t need fancy image-editing capabilities. Though Adobe Photoshop Express is a few features and partner- ships away from broad appeal, the site is well implemented and rapidly evolving. 

Monday, July 7, 2008


It has been almost a week since I posted a personal post. So here is one, specially for my friends. Its about the get together we had on Sunday. It was said that all of our class guys would turn out for the get together. But as usual, our guys sticked on their television sets as it was the Wimbledon finals and also the Asia cup cricket finals between India and Pakistan. Only ten of our class guys turned up at the beach. But we did not miss out any of the fun. As usual our conversation started with teasing on of my fiends and we took opportunities teasing every one of us. After the teasing game, we went to the shore and dipped ourselves in the waves. When the drowning games got bored, we left the water and went to the nearest stall and had plates and plates of the local dish called Bajji. It dint stop there, we had ice creams, sugarcane juices etc. Apart from this, we sighted lots and lots of beautiful looking girls who are busy talking to their friends either boy friend of girl friend. Of the girls we saw, no one sticked on to the culture which India especially the south India was known for. Every girl was showing some part of the other of their body and it really distracted the views of the visitors of the beach. I wondered why these modern girls have changed like this. Hoping that this cultural damage doesn’t get worse, we left the beach and it has become another evergreen moment of my life.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garminnuvi 880

Say hello to the 880, the newest member of Garmin’s nüvi family. And when I tell you to say hello, I mean it: The nüvi 880 is the first portable GPS device to boast full speech recognition capabilities. You can access almost all of its functions using your voice infact, only a few tasks require the touch screen. I found it a truly amazing (albeit expensive) experience that works surprisingly well. With a list price of $999.99, the Garminnüvi 880 is positioned at the very top end of the GPS market. But it has nearly every feature I’ve come to expect in a luxury navigator, including text-to-speech conversion,multisegment routing, an excellent Blue-tooth phone interface, and even integrated media players and travel tools. There’s built-in support for Microsoft’s MSN Direct service, too, providing useful information such as live traffic, weather, movie times, and even local gas prices. The real showstopper here, though, is the amazing speech recognition functionality. On my tests, the unit comprehended my voice commands with astonishing accuracy, despite the acoustically challenging environment of a noisy car.Frankly, I’m hooked.  This is the GPS device I want on my windshield.

Broadband speed in Mobiles

SPRINT AND Clearwire have agreed to form a joint venture that will deliver wired broadband speeds to mobile users, perhaps by late 2008. The companies had charted separate paths to roll out mobile WiMax, a form of mobile broadband previously deployed in scattered places around the world. Widespread deployment of WiMax is about two years behind early predictions. Sprint and Clearwire’s WiMax rollout will likely offer speeds well above 5 mbps. 
Pricing isn’t set.WiMax adapters should proliferate by 2009. Intel has backed WiMax since deciding in 2004 that existing cellular 3G plans could not meet its needs. Intel will build Centrino chips that have WiMax and Wi-Fi capability built in. Companies such as Motorola, Samsung, and Zyxel are committed to building fixed receivers for residences and businesses, as well as laptop and desktop adapters like PC Cards and ExpressCards. Ben Wolf  , the CEO of the new service, estimates that Clearwire will be available to 120 to 140 million people by 2010. By then AT&T and Verizon should be rolling out LTE (Long Term Evolution), their 4G flavor, which will offer comparable speeds.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The future RAM

HP RESEARCHERS have developed a working unit of a once-theoretical memory circuit called a memristor, which may someday re place RAM and make PCs smarter. Memristor technology could enable PCs to make decisions by understanding patterns of collected data, much as ahuman brain collects and understands data on a series of events.For example, a memristor could adjust a microwave’s heating time for a potato based on whether the oven overcooked a potato the last time, says HP senior fellow Stanley Williams. Memristors could reach the commercial semiconductor market in five years, he says.A memristor circuit uses lower voltage and turns on faster than memory types such as DRAM and flash. Denser cells allow memristor circuits to store more data than flash memory, too. The memristor is the fourth basic circuitry element, joining three, the resistor, the capacitor, and the inductor. That science has known about for 150 years,Williams says.