Thursday, July 24, 2008

How to reduce heartburn

Next time you sit for dinner, avoid having acidic foods, such as grape fruit, oranges, tomatoes and vinegar. Spicy foods often lead to heart burn. You may love the ‘chaat’, you make sure that you cut down pepper and chilies. Don’t hit the bed immediately after dinner. Always wait for tow to three hours. It gives your stomach enough time to digest the food. Try and opt for lean meats and non fatty food. You mat love those French fries and cheese filled burgers, but they can easily lead to heartburn. Watch what you drink. Avoid drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks. Yes, size does matte. Have smaller meals and keep the heartburn at bay. Eat slow and steady. Those who have the habit of eating fast tend to be a a higher risk of heart burn. Avoid tight clothes as much as possible. Tight belts, trousers and waistbands press on your stomach and hence can lead to heartburn. Stress can also lead to heartburn. Strive for a less stressful life. Try to keep your weight under control. Excessive weight is also a major cause of heartburn. Are you popping antacids more than once a week? It may eventually backfire and increase the frequency of heartburn. Eventually, you may need a far more potent treatment to deal with heartburn. Chewing gum in the night can increase acid reflux and heartburn symptoms. So, avoid it.

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