Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anbe Sivam - A recap

Anbe Sivam - this movie would have brought tears in everyone who saw the film. It was such an touching story and it definitely made a impact in me. But, when the film was released, no one appreciated the theme of the movie. Here is one of the review which i read about the movie at the time of its release.

Kamalhassan’s intension to make a warm, funny and feel-good Anbe Sivam has ended up sadly as another predictable and corny film which is neither a comedy caper nor a class act. This time, his inspiration is from the Steve Martin- John Candy, road film Planes Trains& Automobiles. The story starts off with two men who are as different as chalk and cheese meeting each other and are forced by circumstances to travel from Bhuvaneshwar to Chennai together.

Nallasivam (Kamal) is a grotesque looking blabbermouth whom the savvy and handsome Anbarasu (Madhavan) meets at the Bhuvaneswar airport. Anbarasu is an ad filmmaker, on the way to Chennai to get married and when the flight gets cancelled due to bad weather, he is irritated and frustrated. But when he learns that he has to share a room for the night with Sivam who is crude, never short of advice and conversation, he has no other way but to tolerate him. Anbarasu goes through many crazy situations as his wallet getting stolen, train getting delayed due to derailment etc.
Kamalhassan has taken the role of John Candy in the film and Madhavan handles the savvy act of Steve Martin. The major problem with Anbe Sivam is that somewhere along the line, the script looses track as the superstar bug hits Kamal. In a flashback, the handsome Nallasivam is a left wing Marxist sympathiser, a mock street theatre activist, union leader and a painter (similar to the late Safdar Hashmi?). A dirty capitalist factory Muthalali’s (Naseer) only daughter Bala (Kiran) falls for him at their first meeting itself and he plans to elope with her. But unfortunately Sivam meets with a bus accident and his face is disfigured! And in the climax to cut a short story shorter the audience discover that Anbarasu’s bride is none other than Bala!

The story may seem simple, but the screenplay is awesome and the message that it sends is something people should think about. It doesn't matter whether god is real or not, but the love you show on your fellowmen would make them feel the god in you. This is what the movie conveys. If you happen to watch the movie, do not miss it and listen to the dialouges carefully. Most amazing movie i have ever seen.

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