Tuesday, July 22, 2008


My first experience was in a club where there was a 20-25 year old male masseur. It was cold November morning and I was alone so went to get a massage. That was my first time and the man asked me to remove my clothes and I removed only the shirt he laughed and hastily removed my pants and underwear as well. Man, I was shy there were people passing and they could see me as I was near the poolside. I was totally nude in the sweet sun of the November morning and soon I became normal to the nudity. The masseur even massaged my ass and groin IMAGINE! After that I went to the sauna room and I decided to throw off my towel and again I lay on the wooden planks in nude. Then some 18-20 year old guys came in they were 5. First of all they giggled then one of them slowly removed his underwear and then another and another. Man, I was feeling I am on cloud nine being naturist and I even walked around that way in the club in front of 10-15 guys. Now when I reflect back that day it makes me say-"oh my god what did I do"

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