Thursday, July 24, 2008

Batman - The dark knight - My review

Here is my brief review of The Dark Knight, a real exceptional film of 2008, one of the best....and the movie would never have been complete if it wasn’t for Heath Ledger's gothic and gritty portrayal of The Joker

I don't know where to start my comments from, firstly I watched this movie twice on today's world-wide release. I have to tell you, it's that amazing, spectacular and simply the finest experience you will find of this year. Even the words I put up on this comment won't do justice until you go and watch it yourself.

The sequel sets off the Caped Crusader from the last movie as a man willing to wipe out corruption from Gotham City. But trouble brews ahead as Batman, Harvey Dent and Lt. Jim Gordon encounter a new criminal called the Joker. So with a new crime wave entering Gotham City, the three join forces to rid the town of this menace and chaos. Christian Bale reprises his role as The Dark Knight, the vigilante who uses his own force to rid the criminals of Gotham. His Bruce Wayne and Batman are so fantastically set, that you see a great deal of potential from him. Also coming back to the film Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman make a great supporting cast, especially Oldman who shines a cut above by the end. There is also the role of Harvey Dent, played by Aaron Eckhart, the White Knight of Gotham and a D.A. brave enough to bring all the criminals to justice without wearing a mask. All I can say for that is great character development by the end of the movie. Even Maggie Gyllenhaal brings a good job to this movie, her Rachel Dawes is characterized up a notch for this one.

But the one performance you would really have to see the movie for is the late Heath Ledger's interpretation of The Joker. It's stunning, gritty and just out of control. This is how the Joker should be from the comic books, a total mad man leaving behind destruction everywhere. If he gets a posthumous nomination at the Oscars, then he should be a winner. It will captivate you on every memorable scenes.

The action is also notched up, giving us superb sequences, especially a 10 minute action chase scene. Also something to talk about are the out of the box suspense scenes that make it more refreshing than any movie you have seen. The pacing is unnoticeable, you won't feel a minute wasted. The cinematography dark, smoldering and realistic, just wonder how they must have shot it with the IMAX cameras. It makes the city look alive giving a whole new realm to Gotham. The last note I would also want to hit is the music, the eerie score by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard is uncompromising, especially the Joker theme.

This is again another perfect film from Christopher Nolan, he surpasses himself growing with each new film, directing it on a challenging level only he can handle. Together the script is well charted by himself, his brother Jonathan Nolan and David S. Goyer.

I would tell you now to stop reading and go watch the film. It's the year's best, hats off and a thumbs up to Ledger's sadistic act, it's a dark art masterpiece.

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