Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Credit cards

I have been blogging for more than four months. Initially, I started blogging for killing my time but then that pastime slowly become a business and I started to earn from blogging. All my earnings are credited to my paypal account. After some time I planned to take out the money from my paypal. Unfortunately I could not take the money because paypal asked me for a credit card to transfer the money. I never had a credit card and so I had to apply for a new credit card in order to take the money from my paypal. I have no idea about the credit cards. I knew that there are variety of credit cards such as low interest credit cards, instant approval cards, rewards credit cards, student credit cards , business credit cards, balance transfer cards, hotel/airline credit cards, prepaid credit cards etc. I was totally confused on which one to choose. I found a site that helped me in choosing the credit card for me. helped me to compare the various credit cards and choose the best one for me. You can compare the cards of all companies such American express, Bank of America, Capital one, Citibank, Discover, First National bank and many other banks. I chose the right credit card for myself and now I can transfer the amount from my paypal happily.

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