Thursday, July 10, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express (Beta)

Unlike its namesake, this free Web site doesn’t provide professional-level image-editing capabilities. But it does offer a strong mix of intuitive, highly effective editing tools, all well within reach of even total novices. It also supplies 2GB of storage for images and rudimentary facilities for sharing them.  The controls for adjusting color, brightness, and so on illustrate the emphasis on simplicity. Click on the saturation tool, for example, and you’ll see six thumbnails of your photo at varying saturation levels, just pick one. Actually, the excellent Auto Correct filter may be all you need. For editing images uploaded to partners like Facebook, Picasa, and Photobucket, the site excels. But features other photo sites offer are missing  the ability to print images or create photo books, for example. And though you can add information to photos, the capability is limited. You can’t associate photos with people, places, or events, and unlike flickr and Picasa, this site doesn’t let you comment on photos. Also, the upload process is a bit cumbersome and restrictive. As configured, the site best suits the Facebook crowd, as well as users who don’t need fancy image-editing capabilities. Though Adobe Photoshop Express is a few features and partner- ships away from broad appeal, the site is well implemented and rapidly evolving. 

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