Monday, July 7, 2008


It has been almost a week since I posted a personal post. So here is one, specially for my friends. Its about the get together we had on Sunday. It was said that all of our class guys would turn out for the get together. But as usual, our guys sticked on their television sets as it was the Wimbledon finals and also the Asia cup cricket finals between India and Pakistan. Only ten of our class guys turned up at the beach. But we did not miss out any of the fun. As usual our conversation started with teasing on of my fiends and we took opportunities teasing every one of us. After the teasing game, we went to the shore and dipped ourselves in the waves. When the drowning games got bored, we left the water and went to the nearest stall and had plates and plates of the local dish called Bajji. It dint stop there, we had ice creams, sugarcane juices etc. Apart from this, we sighted lots and lots of beautiful looking girls who are busy talking to their friends either boy friend of girl friend. Of the girls we saw, no one sticked on to the culture which India especially the south India was known for. Every girl was showing some part of the other of their body and it really distracted the views of the visitors of the beach. I wondered why these modern girls have changed like this. Hoping that this cultural damage doesn’t get worse, we left the beach and it has become another evergreen moment of my life.

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