Wednesday, July 16, 2008

To my native after 3 years

i went to my native place for my vacation. Almost, three years has passed since i went there and this time it was a special journey because it is my cousin's betrothal and our whole relatives gang was assembled there. It was really a happy moment to see all your relatives at the same place and also at an happy event. Not a single person could identify me. I had to introduce myself to them and i felt bad that i couldn't make them remember me. And after the betrothal, had a great lunch and the usual gang meet of relatives. I wished to have a look at the houses where i played as a kid. So, i went to that area and to my surprise everything in that area had changed except for the house i stayed. It was still the same old fashioned house and the same old rusted door. Its almost 15 years and nothing had changed. I would never forget those memorable days and just came from there with heaps and heaps of memories running in my mind. Definitely a great trip to my native.

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