Friday, July 25, 2008

PING command

It has been months since i posted a technical post. So, here is one about the PING command. I came across this command when my internet connection was lost. When i called the service agent, he came and tested the connection with this command. When i asked him about this command, he gave me these valuable information. The PING command is the basic network troubleshooting command. Ping shows the status of the other computer whether it is on the network or not. Let’s say you have three computers in your computer network computer A (IP Address,, computer B (IP address and computer C (IP address You are on computer A and you want to check the connectivity of the computer B then you will need to go the Start > Run > type CMD > DOS screen will appear. Now type there ping if you get the reply this means the computer B is connected on the network and if you get the timed out message then there is some problem in the connectivity. This can be due to different reasons like check both the ends of the network cables in the computer and in the Router/Switch, check if the green LED light is blinking in the network card of the computer also check if any software application blocking the network communication such as firewall or antivirus etc.


Jay said...

Self ping command is the one we'll try to check if our system is connected to the network. you can use the ipconfig command to know your IP address with which you can use the ping command to know it. eg. type ipconfig in dos prompt and you'll know the ip address and then use that ip address with the ping command :)

FANTY said...

tats an additional info on ping command. Thanks jay for your valuable info.