Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Louise L Hay

I dont know if any one of yu guys heard of Louise L Hay but attending one her workshops has been a life changing experience for me, it gave me answers for everything about life.I would like to share some of what i learnt.I believe resentment,criticism,fear and guilt give us the most problems.Just understanding evryone is doing the very best they can at an moment,situation and letting go is the answer.Letting go does not have to be painful, it can be fun n fast if u choose to, i would laugh out of the chair if i look at my life n think about the things that i thought were hurtful b4 but not anymore.It would be foolish not to enjoy life today because of something that happened long ago in the past.I dont condone the behaviour of those who hurt people but for our best it just means forgiving them n letting the whole thing go and live in the moment,each day full of wonderful surprises,trusting the process of life and knowing the future is bright and joyful as all of us deserve the very best and what does failure mean anyway?does it mean things dint turn out the way we wanted?The law of experience is always perfect.Every experience is a sucess.Its our natural birthright to go from sucess to sucess in our life, believe it now and you will find little miracles happening for you as what we believe becomes the truth for us and always remember its only a thought and it can changed- Every passing minute is a chance to feel good..have fun

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