Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One great tour

this is during my b.e days. 8 of us started from mysore to nagarahole and further iruppu falls on 4 bikes. mid way (border of nagarahole forest area) in no man's land, 1 bike got punctured so badly tat it needed a new tube. Forget about new tube, we cudn't even get smell a puncture shop anywhere in 10 kms. radius. We spent an hour under a tree by finishing few ciggies and met a near by villager. he took us to his village which was around 2 kms. from that spot. Since it was lunch time, the house members offered us have our lunch there. We had one of the best lunches served ever. We didn't want to return back to mysore. So, we parked the punctured bike at that house and 8 of us travelled on 3 bikes to nagarahole and then further to iruppu falls. Since we had very very poor budget and also we had to save Rs.200 for the tube, we realy had a tough time in searching a small budget hotel. We couldn't find any for our budget, so we decided to have a free stay. And we found our friendly traveller, KSRTC bus parked in the bus stand and scheduled to leave the next morning from iruppu. We negotiated with driver and conductor and finally slept on the bus. we all got up in the wee hours to finish all our nature calls under mother nature :-). Since we saved on our accommodation, we had good money to spend on breakfast :-). We then returned back by picking up the bike and getting it a new tube on the way back to mysore.

By the way, we saw good amount of wild animals (bisons, elephants and deers) and had a good shower in iruppu falls among all the other adventures

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