Sunday, October 4, 2009

Activate Windows 7 RTM x86 and x64 - All Editions

Activate all editions ( Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate ) Windows 7 RTM x86 and x64 !!! Shocked? So am I. I was shocked when I heard that Windows 7 RTM which wasn't officially launched yet was cracked. I wanted to check whether the trick works and so I tried installing Windows 7 RTM on my machine and searched the internet on how they activate the Windows 7 RTM. I found a site saying that the Windows 7 Activation Toolkit v1.8 by Orbit30 works fine. So, I googled for the Windows 7 Activation Toolkit v1.8 by Orbit 30 and know what, almost all the file hosting sites have deleted that file due to violation which makes clear that the cracking of Windows 7 RTM was not a fake news. I did find the Windows 7 Activation Toolkit v1.8 by Orbit30 in one of the unpopular file hosting site and downloaded it. I tried installing the crack but received a message that the key used for activation has been backlisted. So, my attempt to activate Windows 7 RTM failed there. I continued my search to look out for activating the Windows 7 RTM and found a simple procedure to crack it. It was just a four to five step process after which the Windows 7 RTM was activated. OMG! I never expected to succeed in this but I did. I know that this is illegal but I wanted to take whats special in Windows 7. So, I have decided to try Windows 7 for some time and then switch back to XP. Take a look at the screenshot for my activated Windows 7 RTM.

Earn money with eBay, Yahoo and Google

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Earn money for other's download

Do you want to earn money for downloads by others? Then register with this site and upload your files. When someone download that file, you will be paid for that. This is not fake and as I have already tested it. Check out the image for proof. This is for more easy way of earning money than most other online money making methods such as paid posting, pay to click etc. I again tell you people that this is a great and easy way of making money online. Register with this site and upload your files and start earning.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Relax yourself - Play Aion Online

When i was a kid, i was very much interested in playing video games. I had a great collection of video games when I was a kid. My collection was so great that even the rarest of games were available with me. But when I grew up, I had to concentrate on my studies and have to give up my interest in gaming. But the passion for gaming did not leave me. I used to keep on updating myself on the latest in gaming field and recently a news interested me very much. Its about the game called aion. This is an amazing game which every gamer should atleast try once. Once you try, you will never get out of it without finishing it. The interesting part of this game is that it can be played online with many around the world and this makes the game more interesting. The characters in the game are good and the graphics is very great. Another innovative thing about this online gaming is that there is a separate forum created to discuss matters about this game. The forum is called aion forum and you can gather a lot of information from this forum. I have tried this personally, I assure you that every gamer in this world would love this thing. If you are a passionate gamer like me, do try this game and post in your views either in the site's forum or in the comments section.

East Cost Road, Chennai - A great place for holiday

After a long time, me and my friends have planned for a get together. When we thought of this plan, we were confused on a location where we could spend a whole day and also in a cost effective way. Many of my friends suggested different locations such as Pulicat Lake, Konai falls etc. But all these places are bit far from the Chennai city and so we decided against them. Then finally decided on ECR which the only possible place to enjoy in a cost effective way. Since its a holiday tomorrow on account of Gandhi Jayanthi, we decided to have that get together tomorrow at ECR. Keeping my fingers crossed to meet my friends after a long time. Let me post about the experience later in my blog. Right now chao!!!!