Sunday, October 4, 2009

Activate Windows 7 RTM x86 and x64 - All Editions

Activate all editions ( Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate ) Windows 7 RTM x86 and x64 !!! Shocked? So am I. I was shocked when I heard that Windows 7 RTM which wasn't officially launched yet was cracked. I wanted to check whether the trick works and so I tried installing Windows 7 RTM on my machine and searched the internet on how they activate the Windows 7 RTM. I found a site saying that the Windows 7 Activation Toolkit v1.8 by Orbit30 works fine. So, I googled for the Windows 7 Activation Toolkit v1.8 by Orbit 30 and know what, almost all the file hosting sites have deleted that file due to violation which makes clear that the cracking of Windows 7 RTM was not a fake news. I did find the Windows 7 Activation Toolkit v1.8 by Orbit30 in one of the unpopular file hosting site and downloaded it. I tried installing the crack but received a message that the key used for activation has been backlisted. So, my attempt to activate Windows 7 RTM failed there. I continued my search to look out for activating the Windows 7 RTM and found a simple procedure to crack it. It was just a four to five step process after which the Windows 7 RTM was activated. OMG! I never expected to succeed in this but I did. I know that this is illegal but I wanted to take whats special in Windows 7. So, I have decided to try Windows 7 for some time and then switch back to XP. Take a look at the screenshot for my activated Windows 7 RTM.

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