Sunday, October 4, 2009

Earn money for other's download

Do you want to earn money for downloads by others? Then register with this site and upload your files. When someone download that file, you will be paid for that. This is not fake and as I have already tested it. Check out the image for proof. This is for more easy way of earning money than most other online money making methods such as paid posting, pay to click etc. I again tell you people that this is a great and easy way of making money online. Register with this site and upload your files and start earning.

URL for registering :


xevcio said...

Hey :)
I saw you upload files in sharecash. Maybe you will interested a new option. They pay for downloaders from almost all countries. 30 cent per download. Yes this is amazing. Check this dude

Giridhar said...

is sharecash still working?