Friday, November 12, 2010

Another blog under my name – Rare Reviews of Everything

Although we say that internet has everything we need, it isn’t true always. I myself have experienced it and was could not find few information which I needed desperately. For example, I wanted to buy a low end mobile from a non-reputed company but I couldn’t find the reviews of that mobile and also the stores/dealers for that mobile. Also, during this festival season, when everyone was looking for offers and discounts everywhere, I couldn’t find a one stop place to find the complete package of information for shopping. So, I thought why don’t I start a blog which could give others at least a basic guide to shopping, offers, deals, reviews etc. I have started this new blog Rare Reviews of Everything to share the information I get with the world. So guys if you need to get some information, tips, reviews, offers on shopping, do check out this blog – Rare Reviews of Everything

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