Thursday, February 21, 2008

Something for the first time......

The time is 11.58 PM at the lower right corner of my PC, which is my only close companion for the past 2.5 years. All these years, it has kept me occupied for almost 18 hours a day and most of the time keeping me at the peak of my teenage feelings. But am not blogging to express all the stories which i see in it. When all 'those' movies, music, games etc were overdosed, i felt may be i should try different things.
So i thought of seeking my fellowmen's advise regarding what can be done. One good friend of mine advised me to start blogging and here i am using my keyboard more than my mouse for the first time. Being a beginner in blogging, i have no idea on what could be posted and what people like to look out in blogs. While i gather some knowledge in such matters, let me share something useful, interesting information and experiences in the forthcoming postings.
Its already 00.30hrs in my taskbar and these fonts look blurred already. So catch you all later.

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