Friday, January 15, 2010

Google Wave Tips and Tricks - Part 1

Adding a picture

Go into Googlemail settings, and on the General tab, set a picture under "My picture".

Adding people to a wave

Just drag them from your contacts into the list of recipients at the top of the wave.

Getting the best from Wave

There seem to be lots of ideas about this, and a wave-etiquet is starting to form.

Some of the latest are:

--> Don't add a bot or gadget to a public wave unless you are the owner.
--> Don't use Wave with IE because Microsoft have not yet implemented the de-facto standards in their browser.
--> Use Google Chrome instead of Firefox whilst the development team are working on the bugs (They test it properly on Chrome).

Stop getting updates

This can be a problem when you have browsed a number of Public Waves. Simply press "Unfollow".

To make a wave public
Add the following contact to your wave:

Source : One of the Orkut Communities. :P

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