Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mac OSX Leopard on my PC !!!

I am passionate about computers and always liked to try out different things in it, especially trying out various OSes. I have worked with many OSes, right from Win 95 to Vista and also with Ubuntu and Sun Solaris. But, i have never got a chance to work with Mac OS X and i fell in love with that OS after watching the Leopard guided tour from Apple. But, buying a Mac is out of my reach and so i wanted to try the Mac OS X Leopard on my PC. The only way i could do, is by the OSX86 project. I have downloaded almost every version of the OSX dvd and finally found Leo4All working fine for my configuration. After many failures and lot of formatting of my hard drive, i finally succeeded in dual booting Mac OS X with the same old Windows XP. Dual booting dint work for me with Vista. Once i logged in, i must say that I was like new born baby unknowing of what to do. Everything was different in Mac OS X and i couldn't even figure out the keys like option key, command key with the windows keyboard etc. The toughest of all was installing the sound driver and i installed the driver finally too. Now, i can hear to songs on iTunes. :) After many attempts i was able to connect to the internet. I can learn to use this great OS from the internet. Am yet to learn a lot of things about this Mac and am hoping that i learn quick so that i can make the Leopard, my default OS.

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