Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My View on Google Chrome

Google Chrome – almost every Internet user is talking about it. I never knew about this browser until morning when I saw the newspaper which said that Chrome was available for download on Tuesday. I wanted to know how this browser performs and so I downloaded and installed it on my system. When I launched the browser, the first thing that attracted me is the sleek design of the browser. Unlike the other browsers, Chrome has the design of all with just a tab bar and the address bar. This kind of design gave me a better view of the webpage. The thumbnails of most visited pages on the start page of the browser is an useful feature. The history search box, recently closed tabs list are displayed when you open a new tab are also useful features. The auto search for sites while you type in the address bar is also useful for those who don’t remember the exact name of the site. Pulling a tab out of the tab bar makes the tab open in a new window and vice versa is a new and great feature found in this browser. The Incognito window which is similar to Porn Mode in IE8 is a useful feature for private browsings. Another cool feature seen in Chrome is creating the application shortcut.
The best feature found in Chrome is using the Task Manager to close the tab that doesn't respond rather than closing the entire window. This saves the other working tabs from closing.
Looking at the performance section, I think google has concentrated more on security. Apart from google related sites, other sites loaded slower for me. If I disable the some of the security options, the pages loaded somewhat better for me. But, the page load speeds were slow when compared with firefox or internet explorer. To be honest, I was not satisfied with the performance of Chrome, as heavy sites took me a lot of time to load. Even my blog took about a minute to load completely where as in firefox it takes less than 10 seconds to load completely. My friends said that few websites doesnot load properly for them. No add ons for this browser yet.

I use Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, K-meleon, Flock in my system. Comparing with all these browsers, Chrome was only an underperformer. May be the looks feel good with some useful options. But, for a person like me for whom speed is the only requirement, Chrome was not in the list. May be, if there are some tweaks for this browser may make it faster. Until, I find those tweaks, Chrome is out of my system. And this browser is still in its beta stage and so i am keeping my fingers crossed for a better stable version in the future.

P.S : This is my experience with Chrome and I did not support any browser in particular. If you have something to say about Chrome, do say it in the comments section.

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