Friday, August 8, 2008

Greatest show on Earth - Olympics 2008

Acrobats virtually walked on air. Choreography scored a perfect ten. And fireworks exploded in the sky like works of art. Ina breath taking spectacle that left a global television audience of 4 billion gasping, ancient china, determined to be a modern power, marched on to the global stage in the presence of a galaxy of world leaders.

The opening ceremony on Friday of the 29th edition of the Modern Olympics was as much a celebration of the host nation’s ancient culture and civilization as an emphatic statement of its intent: China can do the impossible. And it almost did. Statistics can never explain the jaw dropping nature of the marathon four hour show that began exactly at 8pm (local time) on 08.08.08 at the Bird’s Nest. Chinese consider number eight to be lucky. Choreographed by master class Chinese director Zhang Yimou ( House of Flying Daggers ), the show had 29,000 rounds of fireworks. Overall, China has invested $43 billion for the 16 day sporting event attended by over 200 countries.

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