Thursday, August 14, 2008

Most Useful shortcut keys for Microsoft Word

Though there are lots of shortcuts available in Microsoft Word, most people know onl a few. So, here are some more useful shortcut keys for Microsoft Word.
ALT + F10 – Maximize / Minimize the Word document.
ALT + F5 – Minimize the Word document.
CTRL + SHIFT + A or SHIFT + F3– Convert the selected text into Upper case / lower case.
SHIFT + F2 – Copy the selected text without placing it in the clipboard. Place the cursor where you want to paste the copied text and simply hit enter. Your text will be pasted.
CTRL + BACKSPACE – To delete the previous word.
CTRL + W or CTRL + F4 – Save and close the active document.
ALT + CTRL + S – Split horizontally the active window into two with the actual content in them.
CTRL + SHIFT + D - Double underline the selected text. Use the same keys to remove the underline.
F5 or CTLT + G – To go to a particular page, section of the document.
CTRL + H – To search and replace a word.
CTRL + F2 – Print Preview.
ALT F, I – To go to word options.
SHIFT + F5 – Brings your cursor to the point where you inserted the text lastly. This is a helpful tool when you open a saved document and want to continue from the point where you previously left.
CTRL + SHIFT + > or CTRL + ] - To increase the font size of the selected text.
CTRL + SHIFT + < - To decrease the font size of the selected text.
ALT + SHIFT + D – To insert present date at the location of the cursor.
ALT + SHIFT + T – To insert current time at the location of the cursor.
CTRL + SHIFT + H – To hide a selected text.
CTRL + SHIFT + W – If you use CTRL + U for underlining a selected set of words, blank spaces are also underlined. To avoid it and to underline only the words, this shortcut is used.
ALT + F11 – To switch to visual basic environment.
ALT V, H – To edit the header.
SHIFT + F7 – To view the thesaurus of the selected word.
I hope these shortcut keys will help you in saving your time and faster working in word.


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