Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mac OS X taking over Windows?

2008 is looking to be the year of Mac OS X. According to industry analyst Net Applications, Mac OS X’s share of the global OS market has jumped roughly 32% from last year. In June 2008, Mac OS X powered 7.94% of the computers accessing the 40,000 Web sites that Net Applications monitors for research purposes. A year ago, Mac OS X was juicing just 6.03% of those sites. Microsoft, meanwhile, saw Vista’s usage share for June 2008 climb 8% from June 2007. Unfortunately, Windows overall usage share total for June fell 2.45% from 2007. So, Is Mac OS X really taking over Windwos' Vista? Along with the iPhone 3G release, Apple has seen a tremendous progress within a short period. Will it continue to progress? Well, we have to wait and watch, while Microsoft tries something different to catch up with Apple's progress.

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