Saturday, August 30, 2008

Save photos from Orkut albums!!!

Orkut, one of the best social networking sites has become more concerned about the security issues on its website. Because of this, it brought many restrictions in viewing the albums and scrapbooks. Now, it has even restricted the users to save photos from their friend’s albums. I was really fed up with this move by orkut as I was unable to save few of my childhood snaps from my friend’s album. Orkut gave me no other choice than to follow this procedure. This trick is done using Firefox.
Go to your friend’s album and view the snap which you want to save to your computer. Then in the menu bar, click Tools and then click Page Info. In the newly opened window, select the Media tab and there you will be see a list of URL’s of the images available on the page you are viewing. In that select the URL of the photo you want to download and then click Save as to save the snap to your computer. That’s it. You have successfully saved the photo to your computer.

P.S : This trick is only for those who are desperate to get the snaps from their buddy’s album. Am not responsible if this trick was used for bad cause.

Update : Simplest trick for saving orkut photos in here

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