Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back to Vista!!!

For the past 6 months, i was using Windows XP as i had problems in accessing the network shares of my LAN in Vista. XP has been my favorite OS and recently i read an article that its performance has improved 10% with the service pack 3. The reason why i switched to Vista is that i downloaded a new game which would give me a better experience with the directX 10 available in Vista. And also, i wanted to check whether the bug of LAN access has been fixed with the Vista SP1. For these reasons, i installed Vista SP1 and i should say that my LAN access is very much improved. The NTLM proxy authentication software 'ntlmaps', which created problems with IE7 in Vista now works fine. And also the gaming experience is great when compared to XP. I think i should continue with Vista SP1 for some time. But the bad news is, i could not dual boot Mac OsX Leopard with Vista. :( Hoping to find a solution for this.

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