Monday, September 28, 2009

Know everything about Webhosting

When I was introduced into blogging, I knew of only one way to create a blog which is to register in some free domains and create a blog in that domain. I was not aware of the fact that my blog URL would always be . I have always wished to have blogs that have URL’s of my own desire. I spent some time looking for solutions and found the answer, which is web hosting services. When I typed in web hosting in search engines, they fetched millions of search results and I was confused on which service to take up. At that time, my friend suggested me to look up I visited that site and people I tell you that it is one amazing site to look for web hosting suggestions. Once you enter the home page of the site, you would get the top 10 best web hosts of the year. Apart from this, you get individual reviews and ratings of the web hosts. The sidebar of the site categorizes the web hosting services such as vps hosting, dedicated server webhosting, green webhosting etc. Apart from these categories, there is a special category which is the webhosting awards category. Under this category you can get details best in class web hosting details such as the best budget webhosting, best blog hosting, best forum hosting etc. The site also provides various information on web hosting news, web hosting types, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc. If you still don’t believe the reviews published on the site, you can take a look at the customer reviews for the real service of the web hosting. If you feel like giving a review about your web hosting service, you can very well post your view on this site. There are loads and loads of information on web hosting on this site which I cannot brief here. If you are really interested in knowing the nook and corner of web hosting, I recommend you this site which would be very useful. Take a look at the site and know for it yourselves.

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