Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Register your site in Web Directories

It has been a year since I left blogging and for the past one month I have been actively doing my blogging. Despite my hard work, the visitors to my blog never increased. I know that only with great number of visitors, my blog's visibility would increase and ultimately my blog's Page Rank. I wanted to acheive it and desparately searched for some answers in the internet. One convincing solution which I got was Web Directory. A web directory is nothing but a world wide web where sites are linked based on the categories of the links. I wanted to know more about this web directories and so searched the internet for more information. I got a lot of information about this web directory and the sweetest thing which I got was, it helps in improving a site's page rank. There are different types of web directories available such as business web directory, SEO friendly web directory etc. Since some of these web directories require you to pay them, I decided to submit my blog to free web directory. I can suggest you some of the free web directories available on the internet such as DMOZ, Yahoo Directory etc. With this kind of service, one can easily improve his/her site's visibility in the world wide web. I have submitted my blog in the free web directory hoping to find some positive results soon.

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Jill said...

Yahoo Directory is not for sad..can you give me more advice on how to promote my blog on the web?? how can I make it searchable on the internet!??