Sunday, September 6, 2009

Which is the low memory consuming browser?

Well, i am not a testing professional of softwares rather am just an end user. I just wanted to know which is the best browser for my computer. As i said in one of my earlier posts, i have been using more than 5 browsers in my PC and wanted know which is the best among them. I ran Internet explorer 7, Firefox 3, Safari, Flock and Google Chrome on my system all running ( well, google is my home page and so i left the browsers as such ). The results showed that Internet explorer 7 was the least memory consuming browser and the highest memory was consumed by Flock. I knew that flock would take up the highest memory as it has got various options embedded in it like the media bar etc. Another thing that captured my attention was the various individual processes of Google Chrome, which i think corresponds to individual tabs. These individual processes are responsible for making Google Chrome shut down the non responding individual tabs without closing the other working tabs. Here is the image of my task manager showing the browser memory consumptions.
Looking at the image, i felt that safari was good for me, but it annoyed me in matters related to proxy authentication. It would freqently ask for the proxy username and password and also showed cache administrator errors while opening certain sites like orkut, yahoo etc. Then comes my favorite Firefox. There is no much difference between Safari and Firefox's memory consumption and it had no problems with my proxy server. It ran smoothly without any problems and most of all, it was fast, very fast. Flock consumes too much memory. The reason why i use flock is that, it is compatible with firefox addons and the media bar is very useful in performing some useful searches.

So, in my opinion, Internet explorer 7 is the lighest browser but it doesn't have many options that are found in Firefox 3. Moreover, Firefox 3 is fast and i feel Firefox is the best browser for me.

Any comments regarding this topic is welcome. 

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