Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Understanding Computer Firewalls

When I was talking to my friend over the phone, he said that he has a class on Computer firewalls. Right from my college days Understanding computer firewalls. Being in Information Technology field, I felt that i should know about the firewalls as they are very important in protecting one's identity from the hackers. So, I thought of looking for information on firewalls over the internet. Even with lot of searching I was not satisfied with the quality of information i got about firewalls. I wanted some kind of article that will help me in Understanding computer firewalls. As usual, I continued my searching and finally found a great website called This amazing site provides articles on almost every topics on the planet. Say for example, if you need articles on arts and entertainment or business or health, you will find it here. Let me tell about the article on Understanding computer firewalls. The article started stating how the internet has become a part of our life and the various risks and threats that are found in the internet. Then they explain the importance of firewalls and then take back in time explaining the history of firewalls. With the history, they explained about the various technologies used in the firewalls and stress on the importance of having a firewall for each computer. After reading this article, i was clear about the firewall concepts and decided to have a personal firewall for my computer too. If some of you need some knowledge on any topic, you can visit the site and have a look at it.

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