Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best water purifiers - Top 3 Water purifiers

Although the earth is covered three fourth with water, we are not getting hygienic drinking water. Hence, most of us opt for packaged drinking water for our daily drinking purposes. But, if we calculate the amount of money we spend on this packaged drinking water, it would be nearly 5% of our earning.

A wise person would not do this mistake rather he would go for a water purifier. But, choosing the water purifier is a tricky task as there are different types of purifiers and each one is designed to work with different water nature.

The two major types of water purifiers are Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifier and Ultra-Violet (UV) purifier.

RO Purifier – Suitable for purifying water with high salt content
UV Purifier – Suitable for water with less/no salt content

Here, I will give you a list of the top 3 water purifiers available in the market. 

1. AquaSure Crystal (UV Type)

Pros : Easy to use. It has got buttons to know the status of power supply, drinking water’s readiness and current status of filter process.

Cons : Works only in power supply.

2. PureIt Marvella (UV Type)


Pros : It does not need power supply for filtering water. The water container holds 1 liter water and it automatically fills up. Indicator to know the quality of the filter.

Cons : Need to replace the batter on an average of 6 months. 

3. Whirlpool Purafresh (RO Type)

Pros : Usually, purifiers filter out all the minerals along with the germs. But, the sixth sense technology in Whirlpool Purafresh will not filter out the minerals. Hence, the natural taste of the water is intact.

Cons : As stated earlier, water wastage is more as it is RO type purifier.

4. AquaSure Elegant Deluxe (RO type)

 Pros : Usually the RO type filers cannot be changed to UV type. But, in this model, the filter can be changed to UV type.

Cons : Since this is a RO type purifier, the water wasted in purifying is more.

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