Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Top 10 reasons why Google Chrome is best?

In my personal experience, I have not seen a browser taking over others this quick. Yes, you would have guessed it right. I am talking about the browser Google Chrome. The browser was so revolutionary that Google has taken it one step ahead with Google Chrome OS. When I first tried out Google Chrome, I was very much disappointed with its performance. You can find my experience with Google Chrome when it was first launched. But then, Google has added new features,tweaked the browser with each and every release of Chrome and currently it is in version 12. The Google Chrome version 13 is in Beta stage and Google Chrome 14 is in development stage.

At the same period Google released Chrome 12, Microsoft released its Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla released Firefox 4. However, I have compared these browsers and I have got 10 reasons to prefer Google Chrome 12 over Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox 4.

1. Speech to text conversion
Google has introduced its speech to text conversion feature in select websites. Websites that support this feature will have a microphone icon. You have to click on the mic icon and speak in you mic to get it converted into text. You can test this feature at translate.google.com

2. Protection from malicious downloads
Chrome already has a feature to detect malicious websites. Using the same algorithm, it can now detect malicious files and ask user confirmation for downloading the such malicious files.

3. Quick browser settings
The Google Chrome 12's Preferences are displayed in a New Tab and with the search functionality embedded, it is very much easy to search and set up your browser settings. 

4. Protection from Flash based security risks
Google chrome automatically runs flash contents in a sandbox, thus avoiding flash blocking applications like FlashBlock and protect from flash based security risks.

5. Easy control over Chrome apps and extensions
Just like windows task manager, Chrome lets you to manage your apps and extensions. To explore this feature you can click Spanner icon next to the address bar and click 'View Background Pages' or press Shift+Esc .

6. No restarts after app/extension install
Unlike Firefox, Chrome does not need to be restarted after installing an app or extension from the webstore.

7. Block unwanted search results
Although, Google is working hard to identify and remove content farms from its search results, Chrome users can make use of the extension Personal Blocklist to add the sites and domains that you do not want to see in search results.

8. Delete Flash cookies
Nowadays, sites save flash cookies in the form of local shared objects in your computer. Google Chrome 12 lets you delete these flash cookies. To perform this action, click on the Spanner icon → Tools → Clear Browsing Data and select the option ' Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data'

9. Google Instant for faster loading
With Google Instant enabled in Google chrome, your web pages load as you type the URL in the omni box.

10.Maximum browsing space
The sleek design of Google chrome ensures that you get the maximum browsing space. Well, if you think that space is not enough, wait for Chrome 13 where you have the feature called Compact Navigation in which there is no address bar and navigation bar. Click on a tab to have the navigation bar drop down and disappear after you perform your action. The Back and Forward buttons are also moved up to be in line with the tab bar.

So, people there you go. You have 10 reasons to switch to Google's Chrome browser. And I definitely hope that Google will give us more reasons to switch to Chrome browser in the future releases.

PS : As read in Webuser magazine

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