Sunday, June 19, 2011

Unknown features of iOS 5 - Hidden keyboard options in iPad 2

With the iOS 5 released for Apple devices in WWDC 2011, there are many features yet to be brought to the spotlight. The iOS 5 has brought many features to the iPad 2 and one of the feature is the keyboard shortcuts.

If you hold on to some of the keys in the iPad 2 keyboard, the hidden features are revealed.

  • Hold on any alphabet key – The corresponding alphabet in various other languages are displayed
  • Hold on to symbols key - The various symbols key such as single quotes, dollar sign displays various other options such as double quotes, other currencies etc
  • Hold on to .com key – The other TLDs such as .info, .edu, .net are displayed

This feature makes it easy to type faster in iPad 2. If you own an iPad 2, check out this tip.

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