Thursday, June 16, 2011

PayPal Alternative !!!!

I have been doing blogging for the past 4 years and the amount I earn from blogging are paid via the well known Paypal. Although, I have been using this Paypal for the past 4 year, I would say that I was not quite happy about some of its limitations. For instance, the credit card processing rule for unlimited payout from my account. Lately, I tried to lookout for Paypal alternative services and found that there seem to be a lot of companies similar services such as merchant accounts. However, I was unsure on the quality of service they provide and wanted a review about those companies. In my quest of searching the reviews of these services, I found a very useful site,

The instant I logged on this site, my first impression was “WOW !!! “. It is a simple looking website with easy navigation and no unwanted advertisements. The reviews provided in this of the merchant accounts are based on the most reliable sources. Another feature I liked about this site is the quick and easy 3 minute interview to know yourselves what type of merchant account is suitable for you. If you are looking for a merchant account or online credit card processing, check out

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