Thursday, April 3, 2008

Best books of all time

My closest buddies know that i never have the habit of buying books even for my semester exams. Dunno why, i have developed that mentality and always tried to lend books from library or study from an e-book. But it was the day when i met one of my closest mate after a long time, he asked me about my future plans. I said " Planning to do my MBA after 2 years of work". He asked me whether i have started my preparations 'cos aiming to do MBA in reputed institutions such as IIM's requires blood sweating hardwork. I said no and he asked me to start my preparations right away. The tip he gave was to read a lot of novels and read a good english newspaper. A good english newspaper? All these years what i have read was the tamil daily "THINA THANTI" which publishes only the death news such as a man died by slipping in bathroom, a lady died on seeing mega serial etc. Infact my father reads all these stories from top to bottom and whats worse in here is he doesn't know english. So i had to adjust reading the tamil newspaper for him.

So, i decided to read the novels as said by my friend and wanted to start with some good interesting books. So i searched for the best e-books and this is what i found. These are obtained from my LAN and i have nothing to do if these books bored you.

The e-books are available at various file sharing sites such as esnips,4shared etc. Just search 'em and you will find it.


Hari HaraSudhan said...

Padika aramichutanu sollu.....

Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...


i have jus collected the yet to download those e-books.