Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Apple Macbook Air

" THE WORLD'S THINNEST LAPTOP". The Macbook Air comes out with this title. But how does this mac prerform? is it worth for the money? Here is a sneak peak on to the Macbook Air.
First thing, you notice in the Macbook Air, is its sleek design having a tapering design at the base. No wonder it is the ultimate thinnest lappy. It is light weight weighing around 3 pounds. The full size keyboard with backlight make is easier to work with even in the dark. The touch pad is also quite large and apple has integrated the iphone's gesture based commands to the Air. The processor found in the mac book air is Intel dual core 1.6Ghz processor with 2Gigs of RAM.

But looking at the hype created for Air, the output was a bit disappointing. The Air has got its own limitations such as only one USB port, no card reader, no embedded optical drive, no upgradable RAM etc. And also the battery standby time of the Air is around 3 hours and like the iphone it is also not user serviceable.

Although the mac book air has certain shortcomings, it is certainly the cutest lappy found today. Hope Apple compensates the shortcomings and release a better model in the years to come.

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