Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cholera in Chennai

Yesterday was the release of a new newspaper for chennai, The Times of India. Though this paper has been introduced in other major cities of the country, it took some time to establish itself in the city of Chennai. I was eagerly awaiting for the first release of the newspaper as its promo titled "New Anthem of India" was wonderful and inspiring. But our paper boy took a half on that day, and gave us only the regular tamil newspaper. With a disappointment, i had to ready the same old death news in the tamil paper yesterday.

But today, it was my day. When i woke up, first thing i saw was the Time of India paper lying on the table. I took it enthusiastically and on the cover page what i read was, the CM being questioned on water quality in Chennai city. The following page warned the Chennai locales regarding the spreading of Cholera in the city. So, i thought of getting more info on Cholera, its symptoms and ways to prevent it. These are the info which i got from the net.

Cholera is an bacterial disease, Vibrio Cholerae the name of the bacteria causing the disease. The disease spreads through water and mainly contaminated or impure water. The symptoms of Cholera are extreme diarrhoea with great lost of body fluids. Fever may also be witnessed as a result of secondary infection. The only way to treat the disease is to compensate for the loss of fluids from the water. We know very well that Prevention is better than cure. Ways to prevent cholera are Boiling the drinking water, maintaining clean habits and habitats etc.

Though my inputs on cholera are very few, a detailed info is given in wikipedia. Please follow the link for more information on Cholera. So, Drink safe water and live safe.

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