Friday, April 4, 2008


I have been blogging for over a month and in the past few posts it has been my personal experiences. So, i thought of giving my visitors a techie perhaps an useful info that could help 'em a lil bit. While i was searching for some interesting topic to post on my page, a bulb glowed in my mind that why don't i introduce the Apple's browser SAFARI for WINDOWS to my webistors.

I have already said about this browser to my friend but it was under BETA stage. If i had asked him to install and use it, it would have crashed quite a number of times and would have given him the chance to damage me. I don't want that to happen and waited for my time. And here comes my time. APPLE SAFARI stable version has been released.

What really made me to use this browser is that its aesthetics, looking simple and sleek layout in aluminum color. The fonts looks soothing. And about its performance, apple claims that it is 2x faster than IE and Firefox and i don't know how far those stats are true. But compared to IE, it is faster and stands a good competition for Firefox too. Speed is also good when compared to untweaked Firefox. Moreover, it consumes less memory compared to Firefox and slightly higher than IE. Safari takes less time to start when compared to Firefox.

So, I hope this browser might earn a name for itself as other Apple products did. So, why are you waiting for ? Give Apple Safari a try and post in your comments.


Karthik said...

hmmmm.... downloading it da... let me install and tel whether i feel the same way!

subni said...

i like the look of tht browser da !!