Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My First Interview

March 2007. The month which gave our college students the image of job holders. Yes, it was at this period where our campus recruitments started and today most of our college students got license to propose their love with one good reason. ( I am yet to get LLR L ). So I thought it would be good to share my interview experiences with my page visitors. ( anyone there????? )

The first company to recruit our students was Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ). We were already informed that our campus recruitment will be starting in March and so the preparations started way before but not me. I started to prepare for TCS 2 days before the placement. I have this habit of not spending money on books and followed the same for placement too. So, I went to the library and took the GRE Barrons 12th edition book and started to work out on the logical section. But I couldn't understand even the question. Embarrassed with myself, I started to work on quants section and never touched the Vocab section because I am very very bad in my English. At the end of 2nd day, the day before the aptitude test for TCS, all what I prepared was the mathematics section and mugged up some of the logical reasoning questions. I never had the confidence that I would clear the aptitude and made up my mind for CTS which was the next company to recruit us. All what I had in mind was that if I could clear my aptitude, then there is a better chance of me getting placed in TCS.

Having a feeling of wasting the 2 days, I entered the lab for the aptitude test with very much low on confidence. The first section was my enemy, Vocabulary section. Right from 12th Std, I have this habit of calculating the probability of getting marks if I answer the same option for the consecutive questions and it have worked for me in exams like AIEEE etc. So I sticked on to my formula and was staring at the monitor which option to select. Having no clue of what the words meant, I made up my mind to select my initial as my option which is 'C'. I selected 'c' for all the synonyms and antonyms and did something for the comprehension part.

Next section was the Mathematics section, which was very very easy and I got the answers for all the questions. Then the logical section came and by god's grace I got questions 2 of the questions of the same type and I cracked 'em easily. The third question was of average difficulty and I managed to find answers for 3 of its sub divisions. Having done the quants and logical section done fairly, I had 2 minutes left. I was at the acme of my nervousness whether I would clear or not. I decided not to click the submit button and waited for the 2 minutes to pass by staring at the monitor and counting down my fate. At the end of 2nd minute the screen flashed and the message came " CONGRATS! YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED TO THE NEXT ROUND" . And finally my formula has worked again for me.

Then, we were asked to come the next day for the technical and HR interview. The next day, with lot of enthusiasm we all reached the college and there you could see everyone in neatly pressed new attire, cleanly combed hair, boys having ties around their neck etc and I was also no exception. Everything I wore was new and with a good looking "OSI" tie, I waited for the technical interview. During my wait for the interview, I could see different kind of faces like tensed, completely cool, some has the thought of 'kalaichifying' the interviewer etc. I dunno how I looked for others, but inside me I had a bit of fear because I have the habit of blabbering when I get nervous or tensed, even in tamil. Think how would I blabber in English. I wont even find words to blabber in English. By the time I was thinking how am I going to tackle this, a voice calling "C.Karthik! you are next " and there I go.

I entered the Interview hall with a smile and there I could see 3 interviews, 2 guys and 1 girl ( sumaar figure in her late 20's ). I wished 'em and I was given a seat. Here is how our interactions went.

Interviewer 1 : Hello karthik. New shirt ! New pant! New Shoe! You are looking smart

Me : Thank you sir. These are interview special

Interviewer 2 : So karthik please tell me about yourself

I said what I have prepared and it came in a flow with out any pause or struck in between

Interviewer 1 : So whats your favorite subject?

Me : Microcontroller, Sir.

Interviewer 1: Anyway I am not going to ask you questions from that.

Interviewer 2: (Seeing my resume) you are an electronics student. Why did you go an IV to aavin.

Me : Sir, that was during our 3rd semester. We were new to our field and so we just visited aavin for nam sake.

Interviewer 2 : You have written you came first in maths talent test. So can u solve a sum for me?

Me : sure sir.

The sum was some number power something

I gave an approximate answer. But he asked me the accurate answer or at least the methodology. I said it can done by binomial expansion sir. He said tell me the another way. I said sorry sir. I couldn't guess it. Then he asked about my mini project and I explained I well. After that he said ok karthik you can leave now. All this time the sumaar figure hasn't opened here mouth and I wanted to hear her voice. So I turned towards her and asked her " do you have any questions for me ma'm?" She asked me "would you like to solve a puzzle?" I said " I will give it a try ma'm". She gave me a puzzle which I couln't solve. She said " that's ok. You can leave now". And immediately I escaped from that spot.

After that , I waited for the results and I was through to the HR which was very normal. Like asking the personal questions etc etc. So finally the interview process was over and the results came at night with TCS selecting 143 ( I LOVE YOU ??? ) from our college and me one among them. This is how I became a "KUDUMBASTHAN".


arvind said...

family man...uve never acceped it before...u knw in TCS it seems they give some cash awards in case a boy and girl frm TCS marry da....all d best

Ajay Kumar said...

Nice post machi. Nice compilation of the events that took place there.

OSI tie, lol. Un flow of language is smooth and without error da. You have a gud language skill. improve with novels da.

Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...

thanks doggy..... wil surely try to improve

Suresh Kumar said...

super nanba... the way you narrate the events is so natural... its a great gift that you have...

subni said...
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subni said...

family man ????good good!!
sekarama kalyanam paniko da
apdiye ore get toghether vecha mari irukum!

and my interview experience wz more or less same as urs
ore comedy to c people's reaction when they were waiting for HR..