Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nearly after 1 week

It has been nearly one week since i have posted in here. I was busy with my project work and now it is over. Thank God ! Everything end up well, with no tough viva questions from the external examiner. When i have totally forgotten about this blog, a good friend of mine, Suresh, who has played a great part in encouraging me to keep this blog alive by commenting for almost all the posts asked me " Nanba!! Any new posts in your blog???? " and there struck in my mind " Oh yes! I had a blog, hadn't i? " From that instant, i was searching for good stuffs to post in my blog.

My last post was a Techie post and so i din't wanted to make the next post a techie one too. Thinking of what i could post for my blog many options came to my mind, my personal life experiences, my crushes, my mokkais, people whom i can never forget in my life etc etc. With all these things coming in my mind, i thought posting all these would make this blog a place of personal feelings and i don't want it to be so. As my blog name says JUNKS, it should be a place with all sorts of information which i could share with my blog visitors. And i hope, this sort of postings would satisfy all my blog visitors.And also i assure that there would be a many number of posts from now on as my summer vacations are on. so keep checking the JUNKS regularly.

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