Sunday, April 6, 2008

Same blood from 700 ears!!!

Uffffffffff!!!!! I still hear a "GOYING" sound in my ears. Courtesy : My college management. Today is our so called OFFER LETTER DISTRIBUTION function for the placed students and it was said that 354 have been placed for the 2008 batch. So i guess around 350( including staffs )might have present for the function.

Before that, while leaving for college in the morning my mom asked me to eat idlies and go. But i said her that i would be having my lunch by 11.40 and could control my hunger till then.

We all entered the audiotorium so quickly so that we could occupy the seats at the back and you surely know the my intention, talking and sleeping if the function bores us. Unfortunately, our GANG was separated when the co-ordinators asked us to sit company wise. Not knowing where my colleagues are sitting, i asked one of the staff "Sir, Where should the TCS people sit?" and he asked me to go front. I went to the front and found seat only at 2nd row right in front of the dignitaries. Everything was going against my wish and was thinking of how to pass through that session.

Then came the dignitaries and occupied the dais. The function started with prayer song and a girl with sweet voice sang a beautiful song but i couldn't understand anything. After that song, it was our famous staff who gave the welcome address starting in his own style "Dear Dear Student friends" [ Naanga avaruku friends aaaama?? Enna kodumai saravanan idhu ]. He is know for hourly lectures he dint show any courtesy on us. NON STOP NAKKA MUKKA. Then came the top most person of the management. He started of in a pleasent tamil vocabulary and his speech was funny and enlightning. The comments he passed would sound mokkai to most of the guys and still he managed to bring out some smile in our faces. But the way he expressed his ideas was somewhat unacceptable which showed his dominating character. But still, he is older than us and we have to listen to it. How i managed to sit this lecture was due to my friend's comments sitting at my back. Thanks to barath for making me kill my time so some extent.

Then the chief guest, Ms. Sumuki addressed us and then the offer letter distribution ceremony started and it went on for about an hour. By this time, we all were exhaushted of listening to excess advices and non stop clapping and I started to get hungry. I thought after the ditribution, it would be thanks giving. But there came another personnel of the management who has been sitting like a newly joined child in kindergarden. He resembles the tamil director T.P.Gajendran ( Remember "Nan nikkuren nan nikkuren" comedy from the movie Ivan ? ) He started his comedy speech and said something which neither could understand. What i felt on seeing him was, may be the podium should have been altered to his height. When all these were going in my mind, he suddenly started to sing " Clap! Clap! Clap your hands!" and later only i realised that it was to applaud the placement cell for their outstanding achievement.

After this, i thought the ceremony was over and it wasn't. Then came the placement officer and she thanked everyone of those who were behind the scenes in achieving this and were distributed mementos. It doesnt end there, the top most person again grabbed the mic and start his second innings and this time his stove was not at sim. It was burning high with mega mokkais and my stomach was burning with hunger. And after all these sufferings, finally the announcement came "Pls stand for National Anthem" and there came my life. Proudly singing the National Anthem, vidu jooootu straight to canteen.


arvind said...

hahhah....damn funny...excellent narration da..i was der at the front experiencing it...

Ajay said...

Comedy....Atleast you had bharath to kill time with, I had no one with me in the Wipro gang. I was cursing the dignitaries on the stage. Though it was nice of beullah mam to honor everyone involved, I was starting to get impatient already.

Your narration is excellent, I would say. Try to post general topics so that ppl not related to the college fraternity can also read and enjoy.

Suresh Kumar said...

nanba.. intha post a delete pannatha.. namba college mokkai in peruma paravanum

Kathi Kuthu Karthik said...


kandipa delete panna maaten

subni said...

ha ha
it was some sort of ok for me !!!
coz i had the greatest time pass with me "mandaiyan"
time to time i had chances to sight adichify the other dept figures ;)
and yes same " dear dear student friends" did irritate as usual.