Saturday, June 28, 2008

Azim Premji

Azim Premji didn't Become What he is today overnight... With his hardwork & Kind of personality he was he today become the IT Moghul. The great Azim Premji.

I totally agree Azim Premji Has given this country a Immense opportunity & employment to the country. He Was first to bring the IT & BPO In India which created lot of opportunity & employment thru that growth in India triggered at other sector as well. He has created so many entrepreneurs.

Every entrepreneur should be Like Him.... It is not always possible but still He is person who is so simple still travels in economy classes. His Son rishad had worked in 4 companies and after that conducting interview is now in wipro not still in the Board that shows this man's Greatness never ever exposed his family in media.

People Like Ambani & Mallaya are just throwing away there money wasting it like by having jet to all their family members, IPL There is no value of people & money.

They should be learning from people Like Azim Premji & Bill Gates who have started their own foundation like Azim Premji foundation which contributes In giving Quality education which is very important In our Country Like India With Immense Potential & Talent.
they are at least giving back to this society & still Living with the simplicity.

Be as You are The Great Azim Premji.

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